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Out Now - Automate your projected funding calculations in PICSWeb

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Our latest PICSWeb development cycle has just been released, featuring several new features and improvements. Following our Earlier Blog with some of the most important changes, this post runs through the other new features in this release.

If you want to never miss a PICSWeb update, including smaller changes that do not make it to the blog, make sure to follow our What's New in PICSWeb page.

As per our plan for the Transition to PICSWeb, we now hope that you are using the new system for almost all of your needs. Please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss any requirements or feedback.


Automatic Projected Funding

Rather than manually running projected funding calculations from the funding calculator, your calculations will instead be run automatically every evening.

To help you manage this, we have added a new page to the Month End section of PICSWeb for Projected Funding. In here, you can switch automatic projected funding calculations on and off, as well as manually running the calculations if necessary.

After running, the projected funding calculations can be exported into one of the Projected Funding reports.


Learner File WebForms

Similar to the existing Organisation File WebForm, we have developed a new type of WebForm for learner files.

A Learner File WebForm will be attached as a file to the learner record, allowing you to design and complete paperwork against specific learners. You can also collect additional file attachments using the form.

Once you have set up your forms in the WebForm Builder, they can be generated from the Files tab in the Learner Summary.

A full explanation of the new form is available in the Learner File WebForms page in our Online Help.


Defaults for WebForm Remote Signatures

It is now possible to set default email addresses and sequencing for all instances of a specific WebForm. This can be done using the new Signature Defaults Setup section in the WebForm Builder.

Here you can choose which email address in the named record will be used to request a signature, as well as the order in which signatures will be collected. These values can be amended if necessary for individual WebForm instances when completing the form.

More information on signature defaults is available in the WebForm Builder page in our Online Help.


Cloning WebForm Instances

Once you have created a new instance for a WebForm, you cannot normally change the template behind the form. In our new release, however, you can clone the form to a new version, which will be based on the latest version of the original template.

Once you have created a new version of the WebForm template, you can locate the necessary form in the Forms List and select Clone to New to create a new version with all the data carried over apart from signatures and form history.

More information on cloning forms is available in the Cloning WebForms page in our Online Help.


And More...

  • The Report column in the Available Reports tab will now show whether the report is currently Running or has Failed.

  • If a user has mistakenly finalled a future period in the Funding Calculator, database administrators can now Delete the period, allowing it to be drafted and finalled at the correct time.

  • Once you have uploaded an ESFA report for Funding Reconciliation, we now save the report so that you can reconcile multiple times without having to re-upload the report file.