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Data Protection

On 25th May 2018, new European data protection legislation called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became binding in the UK and all member states of the EU. In the UK, the Data Protection Act 2018 has replaced the Data Protection Act 1998, introducing the requirements of the GDPR in a single piece of legislation.

All Businesses, Government and non-Government organisations, charities, colleges and more that operate in the UK must comply with this legislation.

At Pellcomp we are compliant with the Data Protection Act 2018. We have a solid Information Security Management System and are accredited to ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management. We have a dedicated Data Protection Officer and have been improving our processes and systems to fully meet the requirements. Ongoing regular activity includes:

  • Improvements to security of our hosting platforms
  • Full Information security audits
  • Creation and maintenance of information asset registers
  • Information security training for all staff
  • Risk assessments of all system changes
  • Tightening security controls on our internal networks

We at Pellcomp take security very seriously and are constantly looking at ways to improve both the physical security of our premises but also, crucially, the security of the data we hold and host. A substantial amount of resources and people time go in to the constant monitoring and updating of the security measures employed by the company.

Going forward we will continue to monitor and access the effectiveness of our systems; continue to be transparent in our processing of client’s data; keep clients informed; keep our staff informed of the latest developments; continue to look at ways we can improve our security and look for improvements we can make to our products and services to assist our clients with their compliance.