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Upload and manage your learner evidence in PICSWeb

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PICSWeb is updated regularly in eight-week development cycles. This post outlines some of the upcoming new features to look forward to in the current cycle.

As part of our Transition to PICSWeb, where desktop and web app services will be removed for hosted customers, we are hard at work making sure that the functionality to perform all of your core processes is available in the new system.

The cycle outlined in this post is slightly shorter than usual and estimated to end on the 8th January 2021, though certain features may be released during the cycle if they are ready.

Out Now - Learner evidence

We have added the functionality to upload evidence files for your learners and their achievements. The following locations in PICSWeb have the option to upload, edit and delete evidence files:

  • Learner Delivery Plan Summary

  • Qualification Summary

  • Unit Summary

  • Outcome Summary

  • Criterion Summary

  • Target Scope Summary

  • Delivery Component Summary

It is also possible to link existing evidence files to other locations, preventing you from having to upload duplicates.

Improvements to form builders

Three form builders are now available in PICSWeb, for Sign Up FormsUser Defined Forms and Web Forms respectively. We are now working to ensure consistency across all three builders, meaning that if you have learned to use one you should be able to easily master the others.

We are also adding validation to the form builders to notify users if they have made errors when building the form. For example, if a sign up form field is added with no name, or the minimum value set for a number field is in fact above the maximum value, the user will be prevented from saving the form until the errors are corrected.

Full change logs

We are making the full logs available for all changes made to data records in PICSWeb by your users. This will be useful both for your auditing needs and for us to diagnose any problems you are having with the software.

A link to view the full change log will be available in the Recent Activity tab in each record summary. Logs will only be accessible to Database Admin users. 

User-defined types for payment records

We have received requests from various customers to add a 'generic' payment to cover various additional transactions related to a learner's delivery.

To facilitate this, we are adding the functionality for the Payment Type field in payment records to be customised by users. Any payment types that you set up can then be used to filter payment lists and define selections for the Learner Payments Report.

Improvements to learner validation

We are working on several improvements to make our learner validation process more efficient and intuitive:

  • Links will be available from each issue flagged to the relevant area of the learner record.

  • The ILR rule name will be cited alongside each flagged issue.

  • Less serious issues, such as a learner within 90 days of their start date but without a ULN, will be reported as a Warning rather than an Error, meaning that learners can still pass validation.

  • Where necessary, PICSWeb will access LARS data for fields that need this data to be validated.