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Coming Soon - PICSWeb ePortfolio for Learners

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PICSWeb is updated regularly in eight-week development cycles. This post outlines some of the upcoming new features to look forward to in the current cycle.

As part of our Transition to PICSWeb, where desktop and web app services will be removed for hosted customers, we are hard at work making sure that the functionality to perform all of your core processes is available in the new system.

The cycle outlined in this post is estimated to end on the 25th June 2021, though certain features may be released during the cycle if they are ready.

ePortfolio for Learners

As part of our ePortfolio offering in PICSWeb (replacing the eAssessor web app), we are developing a lightweight version of PICSWeb for your learners to access.

The learner ePortfolio will include functionality to complete objective scans, provide any requested signatures, read messages or notifications, and upload evidence files.

The learner will also be shown a limited view of their own delivery plan.

Out Now - Apprenticeship Service Cohort Export

We have added a new feature in PICSWeb replicating the Apprenticeship Service (AS) cohort export in desktop PICS. 

The export document can be generated for multiple learners with the same AS Cohort using a new option in the Update All menu in the learner list.

Once the export file has been generated, you will be informed if any learners were excluded and why. The file will be available to Download from PICSWeb, after which you can submit it to the AS.

Detailed instructions for generating this file can be found in our Online Help database.

Destination and Progression Reporting

The ESFA requires that you submit the Destination and Progression (D&P) data of your learners once their programme has ended.

To make managing this data easier, we are working on a D&P report in PICSWeb that will allow you to generate a spreadsheet containing the D&P information for the specified group of learners. The ILR Learners report will also be updated to show the most recent D&P details for each learner.

ACE360 Integration

We are developing a new version of the desktop PICS integration with the ACE360 service for PICSWeb.

If you have the integration activated, you will be able to perform the following tasks within PICSWeb:

  • Upload a learner from PICSWeb to the ACE360 service.

  • Download an individual learner's ACE360 ID and Status.

  • Download statuses for all learners uploaded to ACE360.

  • Download Apprenticeship Standard and Employment Sector data from ACE360.

And More...

  • Validation Rules and Post-Transition Actions will be added to learner workflows.

  • We are beginning to move Surveys over from desktop PICS to PICSWeb. In this cycle, we will add Survey Responses tabs to learners, applicants, organisations and officers. These responses will be read-only.

  • A new Late Notified Report is being developed to detect funding events that have changed between periods.

  • Qualification plans will allow you to set the default Tags when the plan is applied to a new learner.