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Our Plan for the Transition to PICSWeb

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Following several years of design and development and recent customer feedback, we are excited to announce that PICSWeb is in the final stages of its journey to offering the full functionality of desktop PICS.

 We are now ready to begin making the transition from the desktop software and associated web apps to the single cloud-based PICSWeb system. This post outlines the provisional timeline for the changeover.

Any removals outlined in this plan will affect hosted software only. If you host your own software, services will still be available once they have been removed from hosting, but will not be maintained or updated.

If you are a hosted user, we recommend that you are comfortable using PICSWeb for your core processes by January 2021 at the latest.

Update: January 2021

Much of the following information has been superseeded by the communications in a new blog post with revised dates. 

Orignial Post:

October 2020

  • We will finish removing the eTutor, eRecruit, and eAdmin web apps. These apps currently redirect to PICSWeb.

December 2020

  • We will begin to turn off sales focused CRM functions in desktop PICS such as applicant management, opportunity tracking, call logging etc. See our Online Course for further guidance on fulfilling these roles in PICSWeb.

January 2021

  • We will remove the eApply web app, which is replaced by signup forms in PICSWeb. See our Online Course for guidance on setting up your new forms.
  • CRM/Organisations will no longer be accessible from desktop PICS, though the relevant CRM data will still be accessible from learner records.
  • The ILR Exporter will be disabled in desktop PICS.
  • Financial Tools will be moved to PICSWeb.
  • Due to the removal of the ILR exporter and financial tools, we suggest that all customers familiarise themselves with ILR entry and editing in PICSWeb by January. To help you make the transition, a two-part video on ILR and Period-End Processes in PICSWeb has been produced – you can view Part 1 and Part 2 here.
  • You will no longer be able to process forms in the Form Capture Manager in desktop PICS, though form details can still be accessed.

June 2021

  • ILR functions will be disabled in desktop PICS.