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Out Now - Custom Dashboards and More

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Our latest PICSWeb development cycle has just been released, featuring several new features and improvements.

If you want to never miss a PICSWeb update, including smaller changes that do not make it to the blog, make sure to follow our What's New in PICSWeb page.

As per our plan for the Transition to PICSWeb, we now hope that you are using the new system for all of your needs. Please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss any requirements or feedback.


PICSWeb Dashboards

The newest release includes the first version of our dashboard offering for PICSWeb. This new section, available to all users with either the eDashboard or SaaS Silver and above licences, allows you to create and share custom dashboards for intuitive and flexible insight.

Full guidance on setting up and using dashboards is available in our Online Help.

We are continuing to work on improvements to dashboards. These include the addition of QAR report widgets and the ability to publish dashboards to specific user groups, both of which we anticipate releasing next month.


QAR Reconciler

We have added a new feature to the Month End functions in PICSWeb for QAR Reconciliation. This can only be accessed by users with the new user permission for QAR Reconciliation.

In this page, you can upload QAR reports from the ESFA and have them compared against your PICSWeb data. The reconciliation will then produce a report containing the following information:

  • Aims found in the QAR report but not in PICS

  • Aims found in PICS but not in the QAR report

  • Aims with differences in data between PICS and the QAR report

  • Aims with no differences in data between PICS and the QAR report

Guidance on using QAR reconciliation features and the background calculations that take place is available in our Online Help.

Other QAR Improvements

As well as the reconciler, we have been making several other changes to QAR reporting in PICSWeb:

  • The Interactive report output option for QARs has now left beta and should be used for your saved QAR reports.

  • The interactive report has been updated to use the LeaverAchiever and Completed terminology used by the ESFA.

  • Output options are now available for Learning Delivery Monitoring and Aim Provider Monitoring fields.

  • Timely achievement rates no longer include learners who are still in learning and have not passed their expected end date by more than 90 days on the date the report is run.

  • You can now filter the report by more than one Contract.

A full list of improvements can be found in the What's New in PICSWeb page.

We are also updating and expanding our online help for QARs, with detailed explanations of the calculations used for QAR reporting currently being prepared.


Data Change Reports

Four new Report Templates are now available in PICSWeb to improve your auditing and tracking processes. Each report lists any changes made to a certain type of record that meet your specified criteria.

The following reports have been added:

Guidance on using each of these reports is available in the pages linked above.