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Coming Soon in PICSWeb

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PICSWeb is updated regularly in six-week development cycles. As part of our Transition to PICSWeb, where desktop and web app services will be removed for hosted customers, we are hard at work making sure that the functionality to perform all of your core processes is available in the new system. The cycle outlined in this post is estimated to end on the 20th November, though certain features may be released during the cycle if they are ready.

For details of the key features released during the last cycle, please take a look at the previous PICSWeb Update.

Out Now – Strict Sites Mode

As part of our efforts to both improve data security and provide a clearer user interface in PICSWeb, a Strict Sites Mode option has been added. When this mode is activated, you will need to enter site restrictions for all new records, allowing for a strict partition of your database. This will minimise the possibility of your staff members accessing data that is off-limits to them or irrelevant to their role.

Strict sites mode can be activated from the Sites section of PICSWeb Configuration, which can only be accessed by users with the Database Admin permission.

Image displaying configuration toggle for strict sites mode

Funding Calculator

In this cycle, we are transferring the range of reports available from the Funding Calculator in desktop PICS into a new page in the Month End section of PICSWeb. The following reports will be implemented in the PICSWeb Funding Calculator:

  • Adult Calculation Details
  • FM25 Calculation Details
  • Funding Summary
  • Funding Details
  • Process Warnings
  • Funding Occupancy
  • Late Notified

The ability to download Historic reports will also be available.

Earnings Adjustment Statement (EAS) Export

The Earnings Adjustment Statement is a supplementary export which needs to be uploaded each month to the ESFA. In the current cycle, we are adding the necessary data fields to produce this export file from PICSWeb. The following fields will be available:

  • Funding Line
  • Adjustment Type
  • Calendar Year and Month
  • Value
  • Devolved Area Source of Funding

Currently, these EAS fields will only be used to produce the export file and will not be included in any funding calculations. This functionality will be added in a future cycle.

User Defined Form Builder

We are developing a new interface for building User Defined Forms in PICSWeb. The new builder will be based around an intuitive drag-and-drop system, where you can easily add and move different question fields and design elements.

Once you have designed your new forms, they can be assigned to the relevant locations using the existing functionality in PICSWeb Configuration.

Vacancy Matching Improvements

The Vacancy Matching feature is being streamlined to allow for more efficient application tracking. When an application is closed, you will be given the option to update the corresponding vacancy and opportunity records from the application to reflect this, rather than having to find the records and edit them manually.

Review and Assessment Configuration

As part of the transfer of all desktop configuration services, we are adding some core sections of PICS and CRM configuration into PICSWeb. The following sections are being added in the current cycle:

  • A section will be added for Review Configuration, where you can maintain values used in Review Records, such as review profiles, review types, review ratings and review actions.
  • A similar section will be added for Assessment Configuration, where you can maintain values used in Assessment Records, such as assessment types, assessment methods and assessment statuses.
  • It will be possible to set up your own Workflow Statuses, where you can define the different stages that make up your Workflows for applicants, learners and opportunities.
  • Configuration options will be added for further Generic List Types which can be defined according to your delivery. These lists include provider destination codes, barrier types, custom provisions and more.
  • Summary pages will be added for more Third-Party Integrations, allowing you to enter your login details or API keys as necessary to interact with the service. Integrations being worked on in this cycle include EDS Lookup, LRS and ACE360.

Bulk Applicant Import

Along with the Single Applicant Import and Recruit an Apprenticeship (RAA) Applicant Import features that are already available, we are adding a bulk applicant import tool that will allow you to create multiple applicant records from the data in one CSV file.

Any applicant records created from the bulk import will be given a custom tag displaying the date and time of the import. This allows you to quickly identify the new applicants by filtering the applicant list according to the new tag.