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Use Geographical Information to Extend your Reporting

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A range of geographical tools are available in PICS reports. When used well, these can add a new level of specificity and insight to your reporting.

Reporting Fields

The following location fields for your Learner, Applicant, Organisation and Vacancy records can be included in a report output:

  • Postcode Local Authority

  • Postcode Region

  • Ward

  • Ward Name

All of these can be populated automatically from the Postcode field. When building a report, these fields are grouped together in the Optional Fields tab for any learner entities.

For organisations, these fields will be grouped together as Geolocation. 


Updating Postcode Data

If you are using the above fields, you will need to make sure that the postcode data held in PICSWeb is up to date. To do this, select Integrations > Postcode Data from the side menu. In the Postcode Integration summary page, select Update Postcode Data for all Postcodes.

This will ensure that any data fields derived from a postcode will be accurate.