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Out Now - PICS for 2023/24 and more

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Our latest PICSWeb update was released over the weekend, featuring several new features and improvements. Take a look below at some of the most exciting changes.

If you never want to miss a PICSWeb update, including smaller changes that do not make it to the blog, make sure to follow our What's New in PICSWeb page.


PICS for 2023/24

This update will upgrade all copies of PICS to the new version for the 2023/24 ILR year, updating ILR data capture, ILR exports, validation and funding calculations to match the new specfications.

A full list of changes is available in our Online Help.



We are introducing an all-new version of the PICS REST API service, allowing your developers to access PICS data. Full guidance on using the new service is available in our Online Help. The new REST API replaces the features for Applicants, Organisations, Imports, Payments & Lists and types (Base data) found in our previous REST API, a further release within the coming days will complete the roll out of contact and learner end points.

As part of this release, a new user type for API User has been added in PICS. You can create as many API users as you need. Each API user will have no access to PICS functions but will be authorised to use the REST API & its Swagger interface. 


Improvements to Funding Forecasting

We have made several small improvements to our Funding Forecasting functionality, allowing for easier navigation and maintenance of your funding profiles.

This release includes the following improvements:

  • It is now possible to add and remove periods when editing a profile. You can only remove periods from the start or end of the profile.

  • A new selection for Qualification Plan Profiles has been added to the Planning tab in the profile summary, allowing for easier switching between qualification plans.

  • A new export option for Actual Totals Reporting has been added to the profile summary. This option is intended to replace some of the reports from the old desktop PICS budget manager and loads up one of the Projected Funding reports pre-filtered to show actual start values.

  • A new window for Planned Starts Profile Maintenance is available. This window provides a quick view of all planned starts profiles, with options to show the qualification plan profiles linked to each one.


Updating UDFs via WebForms

A new setting for WebForms makes it possible to automatically update UDF fields for learners, organisations and applicants from the following form types:

  • Learner File

  • Learner Change Request

  • Organisation File

  • Applicant File

If this setting is switched on, once a form of the above types is approved, any UDF fields that have been completed will populate the corresponding UDF fields in the relevant learner, organisation or applicant record.

This setting is turned off by default - before switching it on, make sure that you definitely want every UDF field in the form types listed above updated automatically.


And More...

  • After creating an ILR export, you will now be prompted to go to the Funding Calculator and process the current period, making sure that your PICS data is in line with your export file.

  • You can now enrol multiple learners into Smart Assessor at the same time using the tickboxes in the learner list and selecting Actions > Enrol with Smart Assessor. After the bulk enrolment is finished, a report will be produced showing which learners have been successfully enrolled.

  • It is now possible to download all files in a file list in one action.

  • We have updated our Achievement Rates reports to conform with the newly released 2022 QAR specifications.