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Out Now - PICSWeb ACE360 Integration

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Our latest PICSWeb development cycle has just been released, featuring several new features and improvements. If you want to never miss a PICSWeb update, including smaller changes that do not make it to the blog, make sure to follow our What's New in PICSWeb page.

As per our plan for the Transition to PICSWeb, we now hope that you are using the new system for almost all of your needs. Please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss any requirements or feedback.

ACE360 Integration

Our integration with the ACE360 Service is now available for licensed customers, allowing you to upload your learners to ACE360 and track their assessment status within PICSWeb.

The ACE360 Integration is managed from a page in Integrations Configuration, where you can enable the integration, refresh the base data and download assessment status updates for your uploaded learners.

A tab in the ILR Summary allows you to upload learners to ACE360 and view their assessment status. As well as any manual updates, this status will be downloaded and updated daily from ACE360.

More information is available in our Help Guide. If you are interested in purchasing a licence for this integration, do not hesitate to Get in Touch to discuss your requirements.

Late Notified Report

A new Report Template has been added to identify any funding items that will affect periods which have already been finalled in the Funding Calculator.

For example, a learner's programme end might be entered into PICSWeb several periods after it has occurred. In this case, the funding items for any finalled periods beyond the end date will be affected once the date is actually entered into PICSWeb. 

When running the report, you can specify the two Comparison Periods to use to identify late notified funding items. As with other reports, the funding items can also be filtered to specific Learners, Sites and other details.

The report output will show various details for the funding item, compare the values between the two periods, and if necessary explain the item in the Notes column.

Public Saved Reports

It is now possible to share your saved reports for other PICSWeb users to run. To do this, simply set the Sharing field to Shared in the Save and Schedule tab when building the report.

Once the report has been saved, other users will be able to view and run it from the Saved Reports tab.

Co-Investment Contributions Reconciliation

We have designed a new process to generate any missing Payment Records (PMRs) to make up for any shortfall found in the employer contributions for co-invested apprentices.

This is done through a new reconciliation report for Apps Co-Investment Contributions. This compares the ESFA Co-Investment Contributions report to the PMRs held against your learners in PICSWeb to find any discrepancies between the two.

When running this reconciliation, an option is available to Add Outstanding PMR. This will add a single PMR to any learners with a shortfall to make up the necessary amount. As this process will happen automatically once you run the reconciliation, we recommend that you run the reconciliation with the option switched off first.

And More...

  • You can now set default Learner Tags in a qualification plan to be applied to any new learners linked to the plan.

  • The number of Devolved Area Monitoring (DAM) fields available to add to the Funding and Monitoring (FAM) section of the qualification plan has been increased to 6.

  • Any Officer and User lookup lists will now show the current user and linked officer at the top for easy selection, provided that they have the relevant Roles set.

  • Lookup lists will now load more results once you scroll to the bottom.