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Now available - Qualification Reference Recoding and more!

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We're happy to announce and additional release which includes a range of fantastic new features as well as some smaller improvements to various areas of PICS Web.

Please visit our What's New page for for details of all the features included in this release.


PICS Qualification Reference Recoder

We've introduced a new feature into PICS which allows for Qualification References to be replaced. This is particularly useful for customers who integrate with Smart Assessor, as well as any customers who need to replace aims against their learners.

REST API Updates

Last release we introduced our new REST API. Over this release we're continuing to add additional endpoints to our new REST service, to provide customers with a like for like experience when compared to our legacy REST Service.

Our Legacy REST API will reach end of life at the end of October 2023.

Please refer to our latest documentation on our new REST API here.


Additional Features included in this release:

  • Workflow Cloning

  • Preferred names added to Learner, Applicant, and Sign Up forms

  • Planned OTJ Hours from the Qualification Plan now populate Webforms.

  • Document Generation on Status Transition

  • Qualification Plan Report