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The Recruit an Apprentice Integration is Changing

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The Apprenticeship Service has released a new API for vacancies in the Recruit an Apprentice (RAA) service. While the old API will not be decommissioned by RAA until March, we are making the move from the old to the new API at the end of the current development cycle.

From our release on the 7th February, your old API keys for RAA will no longer work in PICSWeb.

You will need to obtain new API Keys for the Recruitment and Recruitment Sandbox APIs. You can obtain these by following the ESFA Guidance. You should not change your API Keys in PICSWeb until the new release goes out as they will not work before then.

The new API will not affect the functionality of the RAA-PICSWeb Integration, though the format of some of the vacancy fields that are sent to the RAA will change. For up-to-date information on using the integration, please refer to our Online Help.