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Mobile Apps are Moving to PICSWeb

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PICSWeb, the new online PICS interface, has been developed to offer a high level of mobile compatibility, allowing for easy navigation and use on your mobile devices. Because of this, as well as a general lack of use, we are replacing our mobile apps with the corresponding PICSWeb functions.

Our FCA and eAssessor Mobile Apps will no longer be available to install from the 1st August 2021, with an aim to remove them fully by Spring 2022.

While the Windows Form Capture Application will remain for now, we are planning on removing it early in 2022. We would suggest that any customers rebuilding forms or rolling out additional use cases of forms move to WebForms rather than investing effort in Form Capture Application forms. 

Unlike the FCA mobile app, PICSWeb WebForms offer fully integrated form capture functionality, while still working well on mobile devices. Offering full support for remote signature capture, and greatly improved form processing. With PICSWeb, form capture has never been easier. We are also hard at work adding new features and improvements to WebForms as user feedback comes in, along with expanding the range of form types available.


If you would like to hear more about these new features or have any concerns regarding the removal of our mobile apps, please Get in Touch with our sales team to discuss further.