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Are you using our new Create Learner process?

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Following the release of our new Create Learner process back in October, we are getting ready to have it completely replace the old process, which at present is still available in PICSWeb as Create (Classic).

We will be removing the old Create Learner process from PICSWeb as part of our next release, which is expected to go out on the 7th February.

The new and much-improved Create Learner process is designed for faster creation of learner records and allows you to save an incomplete learner record to finish creating later. Full guidance on the new process is available in our Online Help.

The new process is also covered in both the Introduction to PICSWeb and Learner Management in PICSWeb courses.

We recommend that you start using the new process now if you are not already. If there is anything stopping you from making the move to the new process, please Get in Touch with us to discuss.