Register, Recruitment & Payment Management – Now all in PICSWeb

We hope you are all aware of PICSWeb, our project to bring all the best bits of PICS into a single modern web-based interface. We covered this project in-depth in the “your future & ours” session at our winter workshops earlier this year.

PICSWeb is more than just a replacement of the desktop application – it also includes a growing set of the features previously only available in our web applications.

PICSWeb Spring update

PICSWeb now manages course registers (previously eTutor), has its own online application forms (previously eApply), enables batch management of employer contributions and incentive payments (previously eAdmin), and has online CRM and DropBox functionality (previously eRecruit). All of this and more is covered in our spring update on PICSWeb progress above.

By using these facilities in PICSWeb, you will enjoy a more modern and consistent user interface, find it easier to move from one task to another and benefit from a generous sprinkling of new time-saving features, including:

  • Bulk editing of records
  • Improved filtering and the ability to save filters
  • The flexibility of tagging records

Considerations for moving eApply into PICSWeb

The eApply replacement in PICSWeb is a completely new imagining of the system. It offers a lot more flexibility as to what data you collect and how the form looks to the applicant. Because of this, your existing eApply forms will not transfer over to PICSWeb; you will need to create new versions of your forms and update any links you send out to point at your new forms. If you would like us to help with this migration, free of charge, then fill in this form before the end of June and we will be in touch.

Planned withdrawal of legacy interfaces (hosted customers)

Once you start using PICSWeb, you will not want to go back to the legacy interfaces for eRecruit, eAdmin & eTutor. Therefore, in mid-August, we will be shutting down these legacy interfaces for all hosted customers (This change does not effect our on premise customers as they do not have access to PICSWeb). There will be many more features added to PICSWeb by August, most notably the completion of the vacancy matching and opportunity tracking features currently available in eRecruit.

If you see any reasons that could hold you back from making the move to PICSWeb today, or you would like us to help in any way, please fill in this form and we will contact you to have a chat about the transition or contact with your specific queries and we will help you in every way we can.