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Now available - Integration with Cognassist & More!

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Please visit our What's New page for for details of all the features included in this release.


ILR Compliant Field for Sex in Webforms.

We've introduced a new field in Webforms named ILR Sex. This is to ensure this is now in line with ILR Compliance.

Previously this field included such fields as 'Other', 'Prefer not to Say' & 'Not recorded'. These options are still available to utilise in the original sex field in Webforms. For ILR Compliance please utilise the field ILR Sex where needed.

Integration with Cognassist

Cognassist is Digital Neurodiversity Assessment tool, allowing users to assess learners across a range of areas, including:

  • Literacy

  • Numeracy

  • Verbal memory

  • Non-verbal memory

  • Verbal reasoning

  • Visual information processing speed

  • Visual perception

  • Executive function

Cognassist’s online assessment works by quickly and easily identifying learners with additional learning needs, assessing those needs, and providing robust and in-depth support materials and coping strategies to assist the learner in overcoming challenges they may face with their neurodiversity. It also allows users to track the progress of the learners and tutor them through the tasks.

PICS Integration with Cognassist allows for:

  • PICS Applicants & Learners to be created in Cognassist

  • Upon creation, Applicants & Learners will receive a welcome email from Cognassist.

  • Assessment results will be able to be retrieved from completed Cognassist Assessments and brought into the Applicant/Learner record within PICS.

  • Access Learners & Applicants Cognassist page directly from their PICSWeb Learner or Applicant Summary page.


Additional Features included in this release:

  • Applicant List Filter - Has Related Learner

  • User Defined Forms - Saved Searches

  • Workflow Dropdowns for UDF's

  • Live Dropdowns in Webforms

  • Clone Dashboard Widgets