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Now available - AAF free trial, new  Apprenticeship Service fields and more!

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Please visit our What's New page for for details of all the features included in this release.


Apprenticeship Accountability Framework Report & Dashboard

As part of the rollout of our Apprenticeship Accountability Dashboard & Apprenticeship Accountability Report, we're offering customers a free trial of this feature for 30 days.

The option is available in the dashboards area of PICS. Clicking the Try Now for Free button will automatically apply a 30 day license to the AAF Report & Dashboard.

If you would like to discuss upgrading to our platinum offer, please reach out to sales@pellcomp.co.uk 


New RPL Fields for the Apprenticeship Service

Starting from Feb 2024, The Apprenticeship Service have added three new fields for apprenticeship starts on or after 1st August 2022, added on or after 30th November 2023.

If there is any Recognised Prior Learning for an apprenticeship from this date, we then capture:

  • The total hours of off-the-job training time required for the apprenticeship standard, before any reductions have been made.

  • The reduction of off-the-job training due to prior learning, in hours.

  • Whether or not the duration of the apprenticeship has been reduced.

This has resulted in the following new fields located in the learner ILR Summary:

  • AS Total Training Hours

  • AS Training Hours Reduction

We are not utilising a field to determine whether or not the duration has been reduced, as this is automatically calculated by looking at whether or not a value has been entered into the AS Duration Reduced By field.

These fields are also available at the applicant stage, with any data entered transferred over to the learner record when it is created from an applicant.


New  Applicant Sign Up Form Fields

We've introduced new fields on our applicant sign up form. The form now includes the following fields, which were previously only available in the Edit Applicant window

  • Has Driving License

  • Has Own Transport


Re-run Failed Status Transition Post Actions

We've added additional functionality to Workflows within PICS.

Previously, if a workflow post action failed, it left users in a position where manual intervention would be required, or the workflow status would need to be reverted. Failed post actions now have a retry button against them, allowing for the action to be re-ran without the need for the workflow status to be reverted.


Bulk Update for Learner Workflow Status

Learner Workflow status can now be updated in bulk from within the Bulk Edit Learners window. When selecting status in the bulk update window, as long as there are still statuses remaining in the workflow, you will be able to select a status to bulk update for the learners selected.

EHCP for Applicants

The Education Health Care Plan field has now been included for applicants in PICS. This is also available in the Applicant importer. Sign up forms also have an additional field that can be added, which is also available on Webforms. Lastly, when a Learner is created from an Applicant record, the EHCP value will transfer over to the Learner.


And More...

  • UDF Permissions - Ability to add Teams to a Visibility List

  • Tags are now included in Course Session & Enrolment Reports

  • Support for ILR Only Sex field on Sign up forms.



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