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Move to the 2023/24 ILR Year with PICS

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With the 2023/24 ILR Year approaching, we are hard at work ensuring that the transition between years will run smoothly for all of our ESFA customers.

The new year version of PICS is currently in development and we will upgrade all copies to this version overnight on the 11th August

Read on to learn more about how we will be supporting you during the change of year.

We have also added a help page for PICSWeb for the 2023/24 ILR Year, which will be updated with useful information covering how PICSWeb will support the new ILR specification, along with our general guidance on ILR Year-End Processes  A PDF Guide to Main PICS Changes is also available.


ILR Changes

While this is overall a year of minimal change for the ILR Specification, we have identified a few changes that we think are worth highlighting:

  • The Household Situation (HHS) Funding and Monitoring field has been withdrawn. Any data previously captured for HHS will still be available for 2022/23 ILR Exports and reporting.

  • Withdrawal Reason 28 (OLASS learner withdrawn due to circumstances outside the providers' control) will no longer be available for learners starting after 01/08/2023.

  • Aim HE Qualification on Entry code C44 can not be used on aims starting on or after 01/08/2023.

The new year version of PICSWeb will support all of the changes above. More information can be found in the full ESFA 2023/24 ILR Specification.


FM10 Data Capture Changes

We have made some changes in PICS data capture to support the new data collection requirements for Funding Model 10 (Community Learning).

  • Employment Status and Monitoring has been added to FM10 learner records.

  • The FFI monitoring code is now available for FM10 learner records.

  • Destination and Progression has been added to FM10 learner records.

  • The ASL Funding and Monitoring type for FM10 delivery has been withdrawn. In its place, the ACL or AFL types should be used for starters after the 1st August 2023.


Functional Skills Assessments

We are finalising changes in how Functional Skills assessments are stored to allow for more subjects and more assessment types. We will be updating our guidance shortly.


Cross-Year Data Entry

PICS supports cross-year data entry to keep your processes consistent over the change of year.

You can start entering new learners for the 2023/24 ILR year right now, although if they are starting on FM10 programmes you may need to enter further data after the update.

It will still be possible to enter starts for the 2022/23 ILR year once PICS has been upgraded to the new year version. Sections for 2022 Data will be available in the ILR Learner tab in the learner summary and ILR Data tab in the learning aim summary to record data in fields for the previous year.

You can process and submit ILR data for the 2022/23 year until 6.00pm on the 19th October 2023.