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Manage your ILR Year-End with PICS

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As the start of the 2021/22 ILR year approaches, we are making sure that the transition between years can be managed seamlessly in PICS and PICSWeb.

Fortunately, this is a year of minimal change for the ILR specification and so the move will be relatively straightforward. We will nonetheless ensure that the new year version of PICS is available early in the year and that you are fully informed of the process each step of the way.

ILR Changes for 2021/22

As mentioned above, there is very little significant change in the ILR specification for 2021/22. We have, however, identified some changes which are worth knowing:

  • Prior Attainment capture is changing from a single field in the learner record to a new entity which includes a new field indicating the date which the prior attainment applies from. With the new structure, a learner will be able to have a prior attainment level recorded at the beginning of each programme. The ESFA are at the same time introducing new codes for prior attainment level. We will be able to convert the old values to the new values for any of your learners already on programme.

  • A new code for Employment Status Monitoring Type is being added. The new code "OET" will capture "other types of employment status such as redundancy".

  • Two new Source of Funding (SOF) codes have been added for two devolved AEB regions being introduced this year: West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire.

PICS for the New ILR Year

We will be upgrading PICSWeb (and Desktop PICS for hosted customers) to the new year version on the evening of Friday 13th August. However, you can start to enter new learners for 2021/22 in PICS from the 1st August.

The new version of PICS will support all the changes listed above. Any new starts entered in August with the old prior attainment codes will have them converted to the new format when the new version is released.

Year-End Webinar

We will host a year-end webinar on the 11th of August. This will cover everything you need to know about the transition to the new ILR year, as well as some of the most useful tips and tricks in PICSWeb that go unnoticed by many of our customers. Visit our booking page to book your place now