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Reminder: We are replacing more Desktop PICS features

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As per our earlier blog post, we are getting ready to remove certain areas from Desktop PICS and maintain only the improved versions in PICSWeb.

From Tuesday 14th December, the following areas will no longer be available in Desktop PICS for hosted customers:

  • Achievements in the Learner Record

  • Dated Changes in the Learner Record

  • ILP Data in the Learner Record

  • Extras in the Learner Record

  • Qualification Base Data

  • Other General Base Data

  • Annual Contract Data

If you need continued access to the Achievements sections for the purposes of accessing an ePortfolio interface, please Contact Support so that we can arrange this for you.

We recommend our PICSWeb Courses to any users who are not yet familiar with using PICSWeb for the above areas. If you have any other concerns about the impact of these removals, do not hesitate to get in touch.