PICS for Skills Delivery

At the heart of PICS is a powerful learner management system (LMS) supporting all aspects of learner data for a wide range of programs. From ILRs to ILPs and Review monitoring, PICS can collate all leaner data into a single administrative system providing administrative saving and improved business intelligence

Learner Management Features

A full data consistency pipeline including applicant imports, on-form validation, audit reporting, and data credibility reports

All data held for EFA, SFA, DWP, JCP, DCELLS and commercially funded programs

Regular updates provide systems improvements, LARS, Ofqual & other base data updates

Time saving data interfaces provide ACE registration, collect ULNs and register learners with awarding bodies

ILPs can be both recorded in and generated by the system

Detailed review tracking & recording

Progression tracking at unit level & below with optional ePortfolio integration

Half day attendance recording & online session registers

User-definable data capture forms

Financial Management

PICS’ ability to produce detailed and accurate funding facilities for both formula and funded and milestone based contracts has for many years separated it from the competition. Our integrated funding calculator provides unparalleled ease & speed to the core processes of financial reconciliation, reporting and profiling.

By providing real time access to this critical data along with prudent analyses such as subcontractor top slicing; PICS offers genuine business & competitive advantages.

Full funding calculator for all SFA & EFA Formula funded programs

Malleable Milestone based funding

PFR & FIS funding reconciliations

Subcontractor top-slicing of all formula and milestone funded programmes

Detailed actual funding analysis with unique abilities to monitor late notified events

Future financial projections with ability to re-profile late leavers for intricate contract monitoring

Profile management utilities including instant “what if” analysis of future enrolments


The reporting features in PICS provide quick access to business critical analyses without the need for specialist report writing ability. With integrated single click reports, an Adhoc reports generator and a web based reports dashboard; you are sure to find in PICS a system capable of fulfilling your reporting needs.

Actual and forecasted financial reporting

Report over multiple funding streams & delivery models in a single system

Single click Ofsted-Short notice inspection reports

Current and projected achievement rates with QAR reconciliation

Integrated audit reports aid the maintenance of quality ILR data

Diary reports monitor that reviews and other key events are fulfilled

Scheduled reporting service delivers reports automatically to key stake-holders

AdHoc Reporting allows the generation of bespoke reports without specialist database knowledge

eDashboard provides visual representation of reports from anywhere in the world

Requirements, Modules and Interfaces

The PICS Learner Management System is capable of acting as the software hub to your business; extra modules incorporate a wider range of business processes into the core system and allow you to integrate PICS with software packages.

System Requirements

The PICS desktop application runs on Windows and connects to the PICS database running on a Windows server. We also offer various web modules which run in most mainstream web browsers as well as the PICS Form Capture application which can be run on laptops, tablets or mobile phones. If you’d like to develop your own solutions which utilise PICS data, we can also offer web service access via our REST API. 

You can install PICS on your own servers, or you can use the Pellcomp PICS hosting service where we can take care of all the setup for you. We set up your PICS software and data, updates, backups and security – you just need to log on via our secure web portal and use PICS.

Detailed system requirements for PICS can be found in the PICS Online Help Guide.

Software Updates

The PICS Software is maintained on a continual basis and is kept in line with the guidance of statutory bodies such as the ESFA. We provide updates via our web site and PICS has an in-built update tool to ensure all new software can be downloaded and installed quickly and easily, or if you’re using the PICS hosting service we’ll take care of updates for you automatically. 

PICS Modules

PICS CRM: incorporating Employer engagement & Applicant Management facilities into your core Learner Management System.

eAssessor: A fully integrated ePortfolio for PICS

Course manager & eTutor: Detailed course management and online session registers.

PICS Surveys: Web based surveys for PICS

PICS Reports Scheduler: Automatically generated reporting for PICS

eDashboard: Web based graphical reporting for PICS

PICS Interfaces

Ofqual Data updates: Import Learning outcome and Assessmen

LRS web services: Collect ULNs for learners from LRS and view the PLR in PICS

Updating ILR importer: Import PICS from other learner management systems on an ongoing basis

PDF & CSV importer: Import basic learner, review and achievements data through CSV or PDF files. Can also be used to import data into PICS from Onefile Ignite or Destiny digital pens.

ePortfolio interfaces: Integrate PICS with 3rd party ePortfolios, including Learning Assistant and Onefile.

PICS SMS: Send SMS messages from PICS via 24x or Textanywhere

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