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Reports and scheduled database maintenance

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As part of our upcoming release on the 9th of June, we are adding a scheduled database maintenance window, during which we will perform upgrades, backups and other tasks. The window will run from 23:30 through to 03:00, chosen to make sure that your day-to-day processes are not impacted by system maintenance.

If you have any reports currently scheduled to run during this time, you will need to reschedule them to a suitable time outside of the window.

After our 9th of June release, you will not be able to schedule any new reports to take place during the window. From the 1st of July, any existing reports scheduled during this window will stop running, so make sure that you have rescheduled them by then.

To obtain a full list of your scheduled reports, we recommend that you go to the Saved Reports tab and select More > Export to Excel. This will produce a spreadsheet listing your reports and their schedules.