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PICS R10 Release - ILR Validation Error Guidance, Changes to the Apprenticeship Accountability Framework and more!

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Please visit our What's New page for for details of all the features included in this release which is due to go out in the early hours of Monday 27th May.


The PICSWeb blog is moving

The R10 Release of PICSWeb will mark the last post of the PICS Blog. Moving forward we'll continue to communicate upcoming releases and features from within PICSWeb itself; with comprehensive release notes available to download as well as bitesize updates detailing the important points regarding upcoming releases.

Update on addressing slowdown experienced in PICSWeb

Further to our communication sent out last week, we are pleased to update you on our progress. Throughout the last week we have been monitoring application performance and optimising server requests. These changes have seen average response times return to normal levels on Thursday 16th May, which we hope you will have noticed as you use PICSWeb. Things are still a little slow between 08:00 and 08:30, but we are working to resolve this.

We are not done yet though. We will continue to work on short-term measures to improve your PICSWeb experience over the coming weeks. Longer-term, we are working to upgrade the infrastructure and systems that underpin PICSWeb to ensure we can provide the service you expect.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we make these changes. Should you experience slowness in PICSWeb at any point, please do continue to report it to the support team via the usual channels.

Update to the Apprenticeship Accountability Framework

We've made changes to our Apprenticeship Accountability Framework based on changes announced by the DfE. These changes affect the thresholds the AAF report uses to populate dashboard widgets.
The changes include the following:




At Risk
(Prior to changes)


At Risk (After changes)


Needs Improvement (Prior to changes)


Needs Improvement (After changes)





  • 15% - 35%

  • 250+

  • 15% - 20%

  • 250+

Past Planned End

15%+ overdue by 365+ days

15%+ overdue by 180+ days

  • 15%+ overdue by 180-365 days

  • 250+ overdue

  • 15%+ overdue by 90-180 days

  • 250+ overdue

Break in Learning

15%+ on break for 365+ days

10%+ on break for 365+ days

  • 15%+ on break for 180-365 days

  • 250+ on break

  • 10%+ on break for 180-365 days

  • 250+ on break

HGV contracts for Skills Bootcamps

We've introduced the latest HGV Skills Bootcamp Contracts. These are now available under contract items and will be present under the drop down listed titled Kind

Skills Bootcamp funding calculation updates to HGV contracts

We're updating the FM37 Skills Bootcamp calculations in PICSWeb to
reflect the calculations now required to accommodate the HGV Contracts.
Whilst these wont make our R10 Release, we are aiming to release these in early June.

In-app guidance for ILR validation errors

We've introduced an exciting new feature to support customers with a range of ILR validation errors. PICSWeb can now surface guidance to assist customers in rectifying a number of IRL validation errors.

If guidance is available for a particular validation error, you will now notice an embedded link against the error code generated in PICSWeb validation. Clicking this link will then display the guidance on that particular ILR validation error. We've strived to ensure the guidance is user friendly and easy to follow whilst also giving customers the ability to freely navigate different areas of PICSWeb whilst still having this guidance available on screen.

ILR Validation 2 
We're releasing this feature with 25 supporting articles linked to ILR validation errors and will be updating and adding to these guides based on common errors reported on each submission period and also identifying commonly raised cases with our Support team.


Applicant payment records

We've introduced payment records for applicants in PICSWeb. This now allows customers to record payments made against an applicant, these records also import when an applicant becomes a learner, enabling customers to record a full record of payments across the learner journey in PICSWeb. 

To cater for this new payment record, we've altered the following permissions to include applicants:

View Learner Payments > View Learner & Applicant Payments

Edit Learner Payments > Edit Learner & Applicant Payments

Create Learner Payments > Create Learner & Applicant Payments

Delete Learner Payments > Delete Learner & Applicant Payments


Manage Functional Skills assessments over PICSWeb REST API

We've created new endpoints inside our REST API to allow customers to manage records for Functional Skills assessments.
The endpoints that are now available for this include the following:

Post Functional Skills - This endpoint allows customers utilising our REST API to insert functional skills assessments into an applicant record.

PUT Functional Skills - This endpoint allows customers utilising our REST API to edit existing functional skill assessment records.

Delete Functional Skills - This endpoint allows for customers utilising our REST API to delete functional skill assessment records.


RAA default status

We've added additional fields to the Recruit An Apprentice integration settings for both applicant and organisations:

  • Workflow

  • Status

  • Substatus

Once a default value has been set, these are then applied to new applicants & organisations created by the Recruit an Apprentice Import.

This changes allows for both applicants and organisations to enter into a workflow at the point of import, removing the need to manually apply a workflow and set a status.


New validation rules: Monitoring minimum 365 days in learning & In-year checks for applicants

We've introduced a new validation rule that identifies if a learner has met the minimum requirement of 365 days in learning. 

In year checks for applicants has been introduced to allow customers to validate on eligibility for funding, based on the applicant's age against the age check set against the qualification plan. If an applicant does not meet the eligibility requirements based on their age, the following error will now be shown.


Custom course status configuration

Course configuration has been moved into the sections area of PICSWeb where a new sub category has been created for courses. In addition to this, we've also created a new feature to allow customers to create customised courses statuses under the new area Custom Enrolment Statuses.

Once created these custom statuses will be able to set against learner course enrolments. These statuses can also be flagged to be included in the Delivery Plan Report.

New reports available in PICSWeb

Two new report templates will be available in this release:

User Defined Forms Questions Report
This new report template allows customers to report on User Defined Forms within PICSWeb. This report includes the following options:

Question Type
Forms Status 
Question Status

Officers File Report
This new report template allows customers to report on files held within the officers file area. This report template includes the following options:

Direct Reports of (Allowing to select a Reporting Officer)

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