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PICS for the ILR Year-End

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The new year versions of PICS and PICSWeb are ready to be released on the 13th of August. As of now, you can begin entering new learners for the 2021/22 ILR year, as their records will be upgraded to the new ILR specification when PICS is updated.

ILR Changes for 2021/22

This is a year of minimal change for the ILR specification. However, there are a few differences that we recommend you familiarise yourself with.

A list of these changes can be found in our online help page PICS for the 2021/22 ILR Year.

Free Year-End Webinar

Our year-end webinar on the 11th of August is just around the corner. This free webinar will cover everything you need to know about the transition to the new ILR year, as well as some of the most useful tips and tricks in PICSWeb that go unnoticed by many of our customers.

If you have not done so already, follow the link to book your place now. We will also be making the webinar available to watch shortly after it takes place.