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Important updates from the Autumn Workshops on the PICSWeb transition

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For those of you who were unable to make our recent Autumn Workshops we have lots of important news to share with you.
Feel free to delve into the recordings at your leisure, although there are a couple of key points which we would like to make sure that you have all picked up on.

Keeping up to date with PICS news

Following our recent rebrand and the move to PICSWeb, the Pellcomp blog is no longer available on the front page of PICS. This, however, remains a really important way of keeping up to date with the latest news and developments from us. If you have not already done so, please visit www.pellcomp.co.uk/theblog and register with your email address. After this, whenever we add a blog post, you will get instantly notified via email.

PICSWeb transition for on-premise customers

All of you should now be aware that in the Spring of 2022 we intend to remove the current desktop PICS application. By then, the desktop software should have been completely replaced by PICSWeb, which is only available on our hosting platform. If you have not already talked to us about making the move to hosting, please email sales@pellcomp.co.uk for further information on how we can help you to move across.

PICSWeb transition for hosted customers

We would like to clarify that the upcoming programme of removing functions from PICS Desktop that are already available in PICSWeb applies to hosted customers only. As a quick reminder, the key dates are:

After December 11th 2020 - We will remove sales-focused CRM functions (such as calls, emails, tasks, opportunities, etc.) from PICS Desktop.

After January 15th 2021 - ILR Export, Monthly Return and Form Capture Manager functions will be removed from the desktop application. You will also not be able to access the organisations/CRM section from the front page of PICS desktop. Minimal organisation management to allow ILR entry will remain; however, for full organisation management, PICSWeb will need to be used.

June 2021 - We will remove ILR entry from desktop PICS for hosted customers.


During and since the event we have had a few enquiries relating to our plans for AdHoc. Firstly, we would like to assure customers that we don’t plan to remove AdHoc until the very end of the transition period (i.e. Spring 2022). We would also like to reassure customers that while we are not intending to provide a direct replacement for AdHoc, we do want to incorporate the flexibility and power of AdHoc into PICSWeb tools. We have some plans as to how we will be going about this; however, as we progress, we would be very grateful for feedback as to what use cases we need to cover

User Defined Fields

We have had a small handful of queries from customers asking about User Defined Fields (UDFs) in PICSWeb. UDFs are far more flexible in PICSWeb and you can choose which part of the record they appear on. In order to be able to see existing UDFs though you will first need to configure PICSWeb to know where in the record they should be displayer. See our online help guide for further information.

Help with the transitions

We have a growing catalogue of Free Online Courses which will help you to move from desktop PICS to PICSWeb. If you have any questions related to this transition process, please email support@pellcomp.co.uk.