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ESFA R04 Submission Information and Advice

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The R04 submission window is currently open – the guaranteed collection availability started 13th November and closes at 18:00 on Friday 4th December.

If you’re experiencing Rule Violations, please refer to our guidance on Resolving ILR Rule Violations

If you need support with your submission, please contact us via support@pellcomp.co.uk or 01603 492620

Remember to anonymise any learner personal information you send us, or upload it to our secure filedrop before emailing or calling.

Useful links:    

ESFA help portal
2020/21 Provider Support Manual (online)
2020/21 ILR Specification (online)
2020/21 Validation Rules (Rule Violations) spreadsheet (v4)
Submit Learner Data (SLD) hub
SLD Known Issues spreadsheet
Download the FIS
Apprenticeship Service help for Training Providers (forum)

Known PICS issues (we’ll keep this section updated throughout submission): 

Nothing to note at this stage.