New Features

  • Form Capture App: A button has been added to “More tools” to allow the User account name to be changed to that in PICS after the account has been linked to the Hosting account.
  • Reporting: The 2019 Achievement Rates reports are now available in PICS. These are based on version 1 of the ESFA QAR Business Rules and include the new Traineeship report. These reports are purely indicative and will be updated later in the year when the QAR Dataset Specification is published by the ESFA.
  • REST API: It is now possible to view Learner Change Requests within the REST API.
  • REST API: It is now possible to create new Learner Change Requests in the REST API.


  • AdHoc: Selection Criteria: Programme Aim Achievement date. Qualification Officers
    Output: Improved performance of some lookup fields. Course Enrolment Attendance Summary, Address Region and LA Names can now be output alone
  • Claims and Profiles: The FM36 Actuals reconciliation process now displays a Year-To-Date sheet for each Learner Programme to help the reconciliation process.
  • eAdmin: Performance enhancements when Users have Site restrictions.
  • eAssessor: A new eAssessor configuration item has been added to allow Learning and Contact Hours added by Learners to be trusted and not require approval by an Officer.
  • eAssessor: Database query performance improvements when:
    – logging in as a Learner
    – building Unit lists for IVing qualifications
  • Form Capture App, PICS Main, SOAP Service: Improvements in Remote Signing to allow Form that have been signed to be returned to In progress status and new signatures collected.
  • PICS Main: Improved data retrieval performance in Form Capture Manager. Retrieved data is limited to 250 records by default but can be changed when necessary.
  • PICS Main: ORGANISATION v3.0.0 : 24th Jan 2020 is now available in PICS.
  • REST API: The REST API Imports documentation link has been updated to a more appropriate page within PICS Online Help.

Data Patches
These are changes to the PICS Database structure to support future features. When they are available they will be announced as New Features or Improvements in the relevant Release Notes.

  • PICS Main: File Storage in PICS can now be enabled in PICS Configuration. See our help page for more details.

Bug Fixes

  • Claims and Profiles: Where a Traineeship programme has more than one Programme Aim in year PICS would only calculate funding for the last programme aim. Now fixed.
  • eRecruit: Adding a note to a case in eRecruit was not actually linking the note to the case. Now fixed.
  • Hosting: To help avoid some confusion, the username placeholder text has been changed to username@domain.local
  • PICS Main: Extending Episode Expected End would create Reviews when the config to “Use Review Profiles only” was enabled. Now fixed.
  • PICS Main: The PICS Episode field Apprenticeship Achievement Date was being defaulted from the Programme Aim End Date – not the Achievement date for FM36. Now fixed.
  • PICS Main: Apprenticeship Cohort Upload was not including Learner EPA Organisation IDs and Applicant Qualification plan EPA Organisations IDs if specified. Now fixed.
  • Reporting: In rare cases it was possible for users with limited site access to run reports showing learners on all sites. Now fixed.