New Features

  • PICS Main: A new extract of the OfQual register is available – taken 04/02/2020


  • PICS Main: Old ILR fields LDA, WPL and RON removed from Qualification plans
  • PICS Main: ORGANISATION v3.0.0 : 24th Jan 2020 is now available in PICS.
  • REST API, SOAP Service: Added Provider Assigned ID to the PICS REST Service learner object.
    Added the ability to search for learners by Provider Assigned ID.

Data Patches
These are changes to the PICS Database structure to support future features. When they are available they will be announced as New Features or Improvements in the relevant Release Notes.

  • PICS Main: pcTECPD table now has a RecGUID primary key

Bug Fixes

  • Claims and Profiles: When editing ESF contract supplement records, we would prevent saving unless the Supplementary date was entered, even on records where it was not possible to enter the date. Now fixed.
  • eApply: Some fields within eApply were not styled correctly to indicate that they are mandatory. Now fixed.
  • eAssessor: If file extension upload limits are defined, uploading a document to Learner Notes would fail with an error regarding file size. Now fixed.
  • eDashboard: Filtering the Opportunity list by “Status Changed in Period” was failing to find any results in there was no substatus on the opportunity. Now fixed.
  • Imports and Exports: Learner Support Funding can now be removed from App Standard component aims with Funding Model 99. The new exporter will also not export these values.