New Features

  • AdHoc: Output of Review FIle Attachment information has been added
  • Claims and Profiles: The FM36 claims reconciler has been enabled for the 2019 Monthly Payment Reports. An option has been added to perform updates to claims and payments in PICS during the reconciliation process.
  • PICS Main: The FIS Occupancy as CSV Report tab on the Non-FM36 Claims reconciler now accepts and reconciles against the Devolved Adult Education Occupancy report from the FIS.


  • AdHoc: Output of Course ID was not working correctly. Now fixed.
    LRN/ULIN Output fields all now say LRN and ULIN in the Output section
  • AdHoc: Selection by ILR Destination & Progress Type/Code has been added
  • eAssessor: Learning and Contact Hours are now displayed as Hours and Minutes – not Days.
  • Form Capture App, Misc Tools, PICS Main, SOAP Service: winmFCA: Improved handling of attachment download failures
  • PICS Main: LARS v7.0.0 : 25th Nov 2019 and ORGANISATION v3.0.0 25th Nov 2019 are now available in PICS.
  • PICS Main, Reporting: Learning Start Date Postcode now shows correctly for FM10
  • Reporting: The Occupancy Report now has an Optional Output “Standard Code” which can be used to display the Apprenticeship Standard code. The “Show Sector Code” option has been renamed to “Framework Code” and the “Sector” column header updated to “Framework”
  • Reporting, Surveys and eSurveys: A Survey Link tag is now available for Applicants in the “Auto SMS/Email” report
  • REST API: Details about Basic Skills Literacy, Numeracy, ICT, and ESOL will now be returned from GET Trainees/BasicSkills requests to the REST API.
  • REST API: Details about Basic Skills Literacy, Numeracy, ICT, and ESOL can now be updated using PUT Trainees/BasicSkills requests to the REST API.
  • REST API: A list of all accepted Basic Skills level codes for Basic Skills Literacy, Numeracy, ICT, and ESOL is available in Trainees basedata endpoints within the REST API.

Bug Fixes

  • AdHoc: Most Recent First output ordering was not working. Now fixed.
  • Claims and Profiles: Claim items generated from learner Earning Adjustment Records for devolved areas were always set against SOF 105. Now fixed.
  • Claims and Profiles, Misc Tools: The Derbyshire Network Invoice tool was ignoring Achievement payments when Job Outcome Payments existed against classroom learners. Now fixed
  • CRM and Applicants, Misc Tools: The API address used to “Sync EPAs” has changed which caused this feature to stop working. Now fixed.
  • Form Capture App: Qual plan unwanted aims were showing start and end dates. Now fixed.
  • PICS Main: Age at Start and Officer Names were not displaying in the ILR data capture. Now fixed.
  • Reporting: Using the Aim Provider Monitoring analyses in the Achievement Rates report would result in blank codes being output for fields “A” and “B” in some cases. Now fixed.