New Features

  • Misc Tools: The 2019 PDF ILR templates are now available from our web site.


  • AdHoc: More Selection and Output fields have been added to Users –> User Actions.
    When no Output fields have been selected this is now reported to the user rather than outputting empty spreadsheets.
  • eAdmin, eAssessor, eDashboard, eRecruit, eTutor: It is now only possible to add aggregator style list widgets, such as the Trainee List, to dashboards. Older dashboard widgets that have a more rigid purpose will still work for the foreseeable future but should be replaced with an appropriate list widget.
  • eDashboard: New Dashboard Aggregator List widgets now have options within the drill down options to use the same settings as the previous drill down view.
  • Form Capture App: Added additional logging to improve our ability to diagnose issues.
  • Form Capture App: Added the ability to send application logs directly to Pellcomp.
  • Misc Tools: ACE360 Interface can now be configured to send the Employer ERN, ready for when the interface is upgraded by FISSS.
  • PICS Main: The description of Leaner Placements Type “E” has been changed to “Pre/Post Training Employment” to clarify its purpose
  • PICS Main: LARS v7.0.0 : 20 Jun 2019 and ORGANISATION v3.0.0 12 Jun 2019 is now available in PICS.
  • Reporting: Where ESF Learners are present when a Learner Status report is run, we now add a disclaimer to the report to show that ESF Funding is not shown in this report, but rather in the ESF Contract Manager.
  • REST API: It is now possible to search for applicants using a number of new filters as request parameters. Applicant output now includes created, deleted and last modified dates.
  • REST API: It is now possible to update an existing learner’s officer codes using the Trainee endpoint.

Data Patches
These are changes to the PICS Database structure to support future features. When they are available they will be announced as New Features or Improvements in the relevant Release Notes.

  • PICS Main: Annual Contract Data for ESFA, Wales & Private Training groups will be rolled forward for the 2019/20 year on Tuesday 9th July 2019.

Bug Fixes

  • Claims and Profiles: The FM36 Funding Calculator would generate a Young Apprentice Employer Incentive payment if the Apprentice was unemployed on the effective date of the Incentive. Now fixed.
  • eApply, eAssessor, eEmploy, eRecruit: There was an issue where UDF questions wouldn’t group together properly and the title wouldn’t display, now fixed.
  • Form Capture App: xpFCA: Errors downloading the template files would stop the sync process from completing. This could stop submitted forms from being uploaded. Now fixed.
  • PICS Main: Converting eApply configuration from file storage to database storage could cause SQL errors if there were certain characters in the labels. Now fixed.