New Features

  • CRM and Applicants: You can now permanently delete organisation records which have been soft deleted via GDPR Tools in CRM.
  • CRM and Applicants, Form Capture App: New Applicants can now be added straight to the database using configuration option “Add Applicants directly to the database without manual import”.
    Existing Applicants can be sent to FCA for further data collection, similar to sending as a New Learner form, and will update the source record when submitted, use configuration option “Can send Applicants to FCA for editing”.
  • eApply, eDashboard, eTutor: Links to PICS Online Help have been added to eApply, eDashboard, and eTutor.


  • AdHoc: It is now possible to only show the latest Delivery scan result for each user type when outputting Learning Objective Scans.
  • AdHoc: Selection Criteria on Claimed Items could cause errors. Now Fixed.
    Output of Course Enrolment Learner Names now work when it is the only field selected.
    Course ID can now be output for Course Sessions.
    ILR Component Aim Output of EEF was outputting a historic field.
  • CRM and Applicants: Two new columns have been added to GDPR tools for Activities: Created Date and Last Updated. It is now possible to filter Activities in CRM by the date they were Entered.
  • CRM and Applicants: It is now possible to filter Applicants, Contacts, Vacancies, and Trainees by their Custom Provision in CRM.
  • CRM and Applicants: Relationship types marked as dormant now show when viewing a record’s relationships in CRM.
  • Form Capture App: Added the ability to continue syncing even if a form fails to upload. Failed forms will be left on the device and will show with a red marker to indicate that they failed to upload.
  • Imports and Exports: The ILR Exporter now stores all options used during the export process in the Notes field, visible on the Data Exports tab of the ILR Exporter. Previously not all options were saved.
  • PelControl: Joining databases that had been split from a common parent in the past could cause join errors on Profile tables even if the Join Profile options was off. All Profile tables are now ignored when this option is off.
  • PICS Main: Learner, Applicant, Organisation and Review Imports have a new Options menu item “GDPR Tools” which will allow deletion of old imports. This requires the new GDPR permission.
  • PICS Main: LARS v6.0.0 : 09 May 2019 is now available in PICS.
  • REST API: Applicant.BKSBUsername has been added for read/write access.

Data Patches
These are changes to the PICS Database structure to support future features. When they are available they will be announced as New Features or Improvements in the relevant Release Notes.

  • CRM and Applicants, PICS Main: A new permission “Use GDPR Tools” has been added to the General > Database Tools section of User and Password Maintenance. This permission is now used to dictate who can use GDPR Tools, where previously they would have required the Database Administrator permission. Included is a patch to automatically grant this new permission to any user who previously had the Database Administrator permission.
  • PICS Main: More Learning Delivery FAM LDM fields added for 2019/20 ILR

Bug Fixes

  • AdHoc: Alternate Outputs of Data Types where no output fields have been selected would cause an access violation. Now fixed.
  • Claims and Profiles: The ESF Contract Manager was duplicating Progression and Sustainment items when a learner’s programme was split over multiple PICS Episodes. Now fixed.
  • Claims and Profiles: The Partner Reconciler was displaying the wrong Fee Rate on the Learner Planning sheet for Whole Consortia and for individual partners. Now fixed.
  • CRM and Applicants, eApply, eRecruit: There was an issue with numeric field validation on fields with decimal places in UDFs. Now fixed.
  • CRM and Applicants, Imports and Exports, PICS Main: Links to the Hub from the ILR Exporter have been updated to the new URLs
  • eAssessor: Logging in to the eAssessor mobile app could fail due to an incorrect password, even when the password was correct. Now fixed.
  • eAssessor: Delivery Model Components could incorrectly display details of the wrong assessment record on the component details page. Now fixed.
  • eAssessor, Form Capture App, PICS Main: Files added to a new Learner Review using FCA could link the file to more than one review in some circumstances. Now fixed.
  • eAssessor, PICS Main, Reporting: Qualifications would be hidden in eAssessor if, in Qualification Base Data, the qualification didn’t have any Types set. Now fixed.
  • eDashboard, Reporting: Scheduled AdHoc Express reports with an eDashboard Output Type were being reported as “failed” when they were successful. Now fixed.
  • eTutor: There was an issue where it was not possible to set 0 attendance hours against a course session. Now fixed.
  • Imports and Exports: The ILR exporter now assigns apprenticeship payment records to programme aims more accurately where there has been a break in learning.
  • PICS Main: PICS Message checks could interfere with Exports to Consortium Head raising a 6619 error. Now fixed
  • Reporting: There was a bug that caused pcReports to crash on Windows 8 and Server 2012 R1. Now fixed.