New Features

  • eAssessor: It is now possible for Assessors with the Edit Evidence permission to delete evidence links from the evidence link details screen.
  • eAssessor: Additional columns have been included in the learner list widget for learners who have a delivery target. It is now possible to aggregate on the overall Objective Scan results based on the Officer, Learner, or Employer answers, and more.
  • eAssessor, PICS Main: It is now possible to mark a qualification in base data as “Hide in eAssessor and Progress”. This will prevent the qualification being shown in eAssessor AND prevent it from being included when calculating the progress of the learner.
  • eEmploy, eRecruit: It is now possible to view the relationships for Customers and Organisations in eEmploy, and for Organisations, Contacts, and Applicants in eRecruit.
  • PICS Main: A new extract of the OfQual register is available – taken 26/04/2019


  • CRM and Applicants: The unused Age Band column has been removed from the Opportunity Provisions page.
  • eApply: Improved display of application forms when using mobile devices.
  • PICS Main: LARS v6.0.0 : 18 Apr 2019, ORGANISATION v3.0.0: 18 Apr 2019 and PostcodeReferenceData v2018.1.1 07 Mar 2019 are now available in PICS.
  • REST API: Not found responses from the Trainees endpoints in the REST API were inconsistent and incorrect. Responses will now produce human readable error messages with appropriate HTTP status codes.
  • REST API: It is now possible to get, update, and insert Category 1, 2, and 3 codes when using Activities endpoints in the REST API.

Bug Fixes

  • Claims and Profiles: The FM36 Reconciler was not accurately reconciling English and maths payments in from the Apprenticeship Monthly Payments report. Now fixed.
  • CRM and Applicants: Status Transition Post-Action Rules for changing date values would not trigger if Date Only was checked for that rule. Now fixed.
  • CRM and Applicants: Fixed incorrect spelling “Triger Queue” and “Registered Trigers” to “Trigger Queue” and “Registered Triggers” on the Workflow Engine.
  • CRM and Applicants, PICS Main: Importing Qualifications from the LRS PLR could cause an error if the Qualification did not exist in PICS basedata. Now fixed.
  • eAssessor: The “uploaded by” column in the evidence list for an assessment was missing. Now fixed.
  • PelControl: Pelcontrol joins could fail when using the “Join TPS and JCP single pts” option. Now fixed.
  • PICS Main: Deleting an aim with an associated HE Record would not delete the HE Record, which when exported to the FIS would cause LearnerHE_02 errors. Now fixed.
  • PICS Main: GCSE Fields are now available on the ILR for learners on programme Other SFA (Funding Model 81/82)
  • PICS Main: There was an issue when attempting to import a new episode for learners who already exist within the database. Now fixed.