PICS 15.20 is now available and includes changes to allow entry, export and reporting of 2018 ILR data. See our online help page for more information on PICS 15.20

Note: Once the update has been installed, when you next log in to PICS the 15.20 data upgrade and migration will start, and this could take anything up to 45 minutes. Do not attempt to stop the upgrade process or you could corrupt your data.

If you have any web apps installed, such as eAssessor, eApply, eTutor, eRecruit, then you’ll need to stop these before you run the update to PICS. If these applications are active it will prevent the PICS upgrade from running. For further assistance please contact Pellcomp support.

For customers with software and data hosted by Pellcomp, please see our blog post for how to upgrade to 15.20.

New Year Changes

  • PICS Main: 2017 ILR data has been rolled forward for annual and historic fields. See our document for more details.
  • PICS Main: The ILR data capture form has been upgraded to include 2018 ILR fields.
  • Imports and Exports, PICS Main: Campus Identifier data capture is available on the ILR. This is only visible when the config option “Learners –> Data Capture –> Enable Campus Identifier data collections (only if required by ESFA)” is set.
  • PICS Main: ILR PDFs have been updated for 2018.
  • Imports and Exports, PICS Main: New Import PDFs for the 2018 ILR form are now available.
  • PICS Main, PelControl: PICS and PelControl have been updated to read in 2018/19 ILR files.
  • Imports and Exports: The ILR exporter can now export ILR files which conform to the 2018 ESFA XML ILR specification.
  • Imports and Exports, PICS Main: Import fields for Off-the-job hours, Campus ID and Agreement ID are now available for use in CSV/PDF imports and custom FCA forms.
  • Claims and Profiles: The funding calculator will now generate a process warning when an aim has an LDM of 363 but is not recorded as Fully Funded (FFI = 1).
  • Claims and Profiles: The funding calculator now respects LDM 362 (Apprentice Care Leaver) when calculation the Young Apprentice Incentive for FM36 apprentices.
  • Claims and Profiles: The FM36 Indicative Funding Report Reconciler has been updated to recognise changes to the report for 2018
  • Reporting: The PICS Validation Report now uses 2018 validation rules.

New Features

  • PICS Main: A new extract of the OfQual register is available – taken 03/08/2018


  • AdHoc: Soft labels for Provider Assigned Ident and Careers Service Number are now respected
  • CRM and Applicants, eEmploy: PO Number and PO Description have been added to the Job Mail Merge output.
  • eAssessor: Learners who have been added to an officer caseload in the previous 2 weeks for any of the 5 roles on the ILR form will now be shown on the Workspace.
  • eAssessor, PICS Main: It is now possible to restrict the type of learning and contact hours that a learner can log in eAssessor. There is a new setting in eAssessor called “Trainees can select the following contact types” to select which types the learner can log. If no items are ticked, then there will be no restrictions.
  • eRecruit: It is now possible to update an applicant’s Basic Skills from their Edit Applicant page.
  • Form Capture App: Form Capture App on Windows now deletes generated files more than a week old from its document directory.
  • Form Capture App: Learner searches in FCA now exclude episodes that ended more than a configured number of months ago (defaulted to 12). PICS Configuration Settings -> FCA Settings -> Filter learners who left more than (months) ago.
  • Imports and Exports: Selecting a single Contract in the ILR Exporter will now automatically select the contract’s UKPRN in the Submission UKPRN dropdown.
  • Imports and Exports: Main Officer Surname+Initials are now an option for populating the Learner and Learning Provider Monitoring fields.
  • PICS Main: Restoring a live dataset over a sandbox installation will now prompt if you want to keep your current sandbox settings as part of the restoration process, instead of having to modify them manually afterwards.
  • PICS Main: Advanced Learning Loans mail merge template has been updated to match the latest version on GOV.UK.
  • PICS Main: Specific help pages are now accessible from the ILR data capture form
  • PICS Main: LARS v6.0.0 : 08 Aug 2018 is now available in PICS

Data Patches
These are changes to the PICS Database structure to support future features. When they are available they will be announced as New Features or Improvements in the relevant Release Notes.

  • CRM and Applicants: Archived statuses have been removed from officers and organisations, which are now stored as a sysstatus. All those which were archived now show a status of live and a hidden sysstatus of archived.
  • Some old or unused tables have been dropped from the data dictionary.

Bug Fixes

  • AdHoc: Output of Applicant Vacancy Application Outcome Description was not resolving the description from the code. Now fixed.
  • Claims and Profiles: The FM36 funding calculator was not using the apprentice’s age at start of programme when returning from a break in learning to determine the apprentice’s eligibility to the young apprentice incentive. Now fixed.
  • CRM and Applicants: There was an issue with being unable to soft delete organisations and contacts which are archived using GDPR tools in CRM. Now fixed.
  • CRM and Applicants: PRaP Checkbox Report would raise an Access Violation Error when the Save & Reload button was used multiple times on the JCP Notification Tab. Now Fixed.
  • CRM and Applicants: There was an issue with an unhelpful exception being displayed when attempting to set photos for applicants and contacts in CRM. Now, an error message is shown instead.
  • eAssessor: Trying to download a Portfolio Snap shot would result in an error. Now fixed.
  • Form Capture App: There was an issue with forms in Form Capture Application for desktop, Android and iOS whereby an unhelpful error message is displayed when failing to sync due to no form design existing in PICS data for a form instance. Now fixed.
  • Form Capture App, SOAP Service: CRM Activity UDF fields were not showing data from FCA correctly. Now fixed.
  • Imports and Exports: FIS integration was not working correctly for users with punctuation in the windows username. Now fixed.
  • Imports and Exports: There was an issue causing all LRS tick box fields to all be ticked if one was ticked. Now fixed.
  • Imports and Exports: LLWR export of LP82 Apprenticeship Levy sending 00 instead of NULL. Now fixed.
  • Imports and Exports, PICS Main: Qualification Plan Provider Defined Monitoring fields are now 20 characters wide; matching the ILR specification.
    Organisation Employer Count can now be > 32,000
  • Misc Tools: BKSB Databridge: Levels for ICT assessments would not correctly transfer to PICS. Now fixed.
  • PICS Main: ScreenConnect link updated
  • PICS Main: Programme Aim HHS for FM36 was not being correctly shown/hidden when the Programme Aim Start Date or ACT was changed. Now fixed.
  • Reporting: Scheduled Report MSSQL destinations could not use the Default SQL Server Instance, unless a # was put in the instance name, instead of being left blank. Now fixed.
  • Reporting: Some reports were showing MS SQL as an available output method when not supported. Now fixed.
  • Reporting: The new Reports interface could cause Advantage Discovery errors on some networks running IPv6. Now fixed.