New Features

  • CRM and Applicants: GDPR Tools for managing Soft Deletion, Archiving, & Anonymisation of Organisation records are now available from the main Organisation view in CRM.
  • CRM and Applicants, Form Capture App, PICS Main: New form types for Organisation, Learner and Applicant CRM Activities that require approval have been added. To use this feature you must upgrade the PICS Webservice.
  • Form Capture App: It is now possible to add on and off the job contact hours for a learner from a  learner review form (including Android and iOS versions).
  • PICS Main: A new extract of the OfQual register is available – taken 12/06/2018
  • REST API: Activity search functionality has been expanded to include more options.


  • Claims and Profiles, PICS Main: The Learner Claim / Funding History viewer now has an option to display Employer Earned claim items.
  • CRM and Applicants: Status Workflows Trainee Start and End option are now simplified into a single options using Validation or Post-Actions.
  • CRM and Applicants, REST API: UDFs for Jobs can now be limited to certain types of Jobs.
  • Form Capture App: Learner Qual Plan Code and Title, and Main Aim Reference and Title are now available for output in FCA Review and CRM Activity forms
  • Form Capture App: Learner searches in FCA now exclude episodes that ended more than a year ago.
  • Imports and Exports: The specifications for the PICS import facilities (Learner, Applicant, Organisation and Review) have been moved to PICS Online Help.
  • PICS Main: The ability to update Default Half Day Attendance patterns for multiple Learners has been added to the Client Selection Screen Bulk Update tool.
  • PICS Main: Data Capture for LSF is now available for all Component Aims.
    Data Capture of HHS is now available for FM36 Non-levy aims starting after 01/08/2018
  • PICS Main: The Qualification list in Base Data can now be filtered by LARS Category i.e. Category E: Non Regulated provision. This filter is in the Advanced options.
  • PICS Main: Password complexity requirements are now always shown on the PICS New Password screen.
  • PICS Main: The Unzip File feature on PICS Main splash screen, now requires the following to be used: Valid credentials, Database Administrator permission and the system setting “NoFolderBrowsing” to be disabled.
  • PICS Main: The Privacy Notice on the PDF ILR print has been updated to match the text supplied by the ESFA, and also respects the new 2018 “Opt-in” field values for PMC and RUI fields.
  • PICS Main: LDM Codes 359-363 added to PICS
  • PICS Main: LARS v5.0.0 : 11 June 2018, ORGANISATION v3.0.0 : 11 June 2018 have been added to PICS.
  • Reporting: It is now possible to switch between an explicit date range and a range of periods when producing reports. The new period picker respects date selections when switched to, using the relevant period for that date. It also has new quick options, relevant to periods.

Bug Fixes

  • AdHoc: There was an issue with “Linked Emp Address” breaking output when selected on its own. Now Fixed
  • Claims and Profiles: The FM36 Calculation Details report was displaying the incorrect value for the Additional Expected Employer value when there had been a break in learning. Now fixed.
  • Claims and Profiles: The Learner Data report from Budget Manager when in Subcontractor mode was not showing any information. Now fixed.
  • Claims and Profiles: There was an issue with budget manager profile data capture being in the wrong mode and not allowing profile data capture for 16-18 Apprenticeships, 19-23 Apprenticeships and 24+ Apprenticeships. Now fixed
  • Course Manager: There was an issue with learner course enrolment start date not defaulting to the start date of the course if the course starts in the future. Now fixed.
  • Course Manager, eTutor: There was an issue with an error occurring when attempting to access the session attendance page. Now fixed.
  • CRM and Applicants: There was an issue with schedule and timeline calendar views not displaying the public calendar. Now fixed.
  • CRM and Applicants: Fixed Customer Milestone Additional Reference field and Calculator button.
    Organisation subcontractor rates form now displays milestone types for PRaP programmes.
  • CRM and Applicants: Errors were being thrown when privately funded learners were opened in CRM as of Now fixed.
  • CRM and Applicants, eEmploy: Job Tracking was wiping start and expected end dates when the PICS option “Schedule all future milestones” was on. Now fixed.
  • CRM and Applicants, eEmploy, PICS Main: Configuration setting to “Schedule all milestones” incorrectly assumed that the last tracking record contributes toward the outcomes. Now fixed.
  • CRM and Applicants, Misc Tools: Status Workflow transitions with no To or From statuses used to throw an error. These transitions will now safely be shown to the user along with a warning prompt.
  • Form Capture App: There was an issue with setting Min/Max validation on Date fields in Form Capture for Android and iOS preventing forms from loading. Now fixed.
  • Form Capture App, PICS Main: There was an issue with country selectors not displaying correctly in PICS and FCA (including Android and iOS versions). Now fixed.
  • PICS Main: The Show Archived filter on the Client Selection screen would show Learners that are both Withheld and Archived when the filter was off. Now fixed
  • PICS Main: The Survey/UDF/Form builder could report an invalid pointer exception if you reorder questions after deleting one. Now fixed.
  • REST API: Fixed “Template ID cannot be used here.” error when using the REST API to create a new CRM Activity.
  • SOAP Service: There was an issue with the PICS Web Service only being able to run in 32 bit mode. Now fixed.