New Features

  • eAssessor: It is now possible to maintain course documents via eAssessor
  • Form Capture App: It is now possible to complete a Learner Signup form from an applicant within Form Capture for iOS and Android.


  • Imports and Exports, PICS Main: Various fixes to the LLWR Exporter for Wales, including saving the generated export file to the appropriate folder in Pellcomp Hosted environments.
  • Misc Tools: The LRS Import / Export tool would attempt to load an invalid web address when prompted to open the LRS portal. Now fixed.
  • PICS Main: A ‘Weeks before Expected End’ option has been added to the Apprenticeship Cost calculator to allow for a First Payment to made in relation to a number of weeks before the Expected End. For example where you wish to collect the Assessment cost six weeks before the Expected End.
  • PICS Main: It is now possible to edit user and password permissions for any user while they are currently logged into the system.
  • PICS Main: LARS v5.0.0 : 21 May 2018, ORGANISATION v3.0.0 : 21 May 2018 have been added to PICS.
  • PICS Main: Users who cannot write to ADS.ini could have had an error message after logging in that did not say what the cause of the error was. This has been improved.
  • PICS Main: The Postcode Region data importer in Other General Base Data is now compatible with the 2018 format CSVs published by the ONS.
  • Reporting: The Auto SMS/Email report has a new option “Use ILR PMC 2018+ contact preferences” to respect the new ILR PMC codes 5 (Allow Telephone) and 6 (Allow Email) when sending messages.
    The existing “Use ILR PMC contact preferences” option has been relabelled to read “Use ILR PMC 2017 and before contact preferences” which will respect the old Opt out preferences.

Data Patches
These are changes to the PICS Database structure to support future features. When they are available they will be announced as New Features or Improvements in the relevant Release Notes.

  • PICS Main: Adding new tables to support Delivery Model Based Assessments

Bug Fixes

  • Claims and Profiles: Budget Manager’s Include Prior Year Starts option was not calculating prior year start values correctly for FM36 apprenticeship plans. Now fixed.
  • Claims and Profiles: The Learner Data report from Budget Manager when in Subcontractor mode was not showing any information. Now fixed.
  • Claims and Profiles, Reporting: The funding calculator would throw an exception when an Unassigned TNP code was used against a learner. Now fixed.
  • CRM and Applicants, eEmploy: ‘Contact Methods’ and ‘Preferred Contact Method’ data capture was not visible when adding a new Job. Now fixed.
  • CRM and Applicants, eEmploy: Milestone expected dates were being incorrectly cleared when tracking stops contributing towards a later milestone. Now fixed.
  • eAssessor: Generating a learner login in eAssessor would give a conflicting message if it failed to send. Now fixed.
  • eAssessor: Emails were not being sent if SSL is required. Now fixed.
  • eAssessor: The “Remember Me” tick box on the eAssessor login screen would cause the PICS username to be remembered, even if a Windows (Active Directory) username was entered. Now fixed.
  • eEmploy: A database error was being thrown if the a referral date of less than 01/01/2000 is supplied, rather than a validation message. Now fixed.
  • Misc Tools: The FM36 Reconciler would throw an exception when working with large reports. Now fixed.
  • Misc Tools: The Non Annual Bursary maximum value was not displaying correctly. Now fixed.
  • PICS Main: There was an issue with “Deleted” status records in Change of Learner Details showing when only the “Awaiting Authorisation” filter was selected. Now fixed.
  • PICS Main: When cancelling changes made against a learner on the ILR, some of the changes would still be saved. Now fixed.
  • PICS Main: Searching for Live qualifications within Qualification Basedata would not always return Live qualification. Now fixed.
  • PICS Main, Reporting: SmartAssessor sessions of type “General” are now imported into PICS as normal reviews.
  • Reporting: The Occupancy report would throw an exception in some cases when run in “Common” mode and the “Progression Values” optional output is selected. Now fixed.
  • Reporting: There was a problem where the learner payments report wouldn’t respect the selected sites for trainees. Now fixed. Additionally, outputs for Site and Episode start end End dates have been added.
  • Reporting: The Auto SMS report could cause an Access Violation error when running in test mode and sending an SMS. Now fixed.
  • REST API: UDF visibility settings are now respected.