eRecruit: Web CRM

eRecruit is a lightweight web portal for core PICS CRM.  Whilst eRecruit does not offer all of the functionality of the powerful PICS desktop CRM it gives your staff fast access to the core CRM data and the ability to update information on the move.

This web module is designed to work for employees in the field, where data needs to be accessed away from the office, or for administrators who rarely need to use PICS CRM and would benefit from a lighter weight, more intuitive interface.

As eRecruit runs off the same database as the core PICS CRM data, all information is kept consistent across both datasets with no synchronisation lag.  We also include the PICS email drop box, this (need more information)

Key Information

A web based application which operates from the same database as your PICS CRM

It is light weight, attractive and intuitive making it ideal for those who need to use it infrequently

Access company information, contact details, tasks, call logging and opportunities from anywhere

Email Dropbox for automatic logging of business critical mails