Data Conversion and Implementation

We like to come and see all of our customers for an onsite demonstration and discussion before providing individual proposals. This helps us to collect your requirements and to understand your business needs which can then be fed into our implementation processes.

When you are ready to proceed with your purchase of PICS you will be assigned your own implementation co-ordinator who will guide you through the next steps. They will firsts send you an implementation document, this asks further questions relating to your contracts and helps us to start setting up your PICS database prior to install. Your implementation co-ordinator will then lead you through data conversion, software install and book your introductory training.

Data conversion

We understand that the move to a new LMS involves a huge commitment from you in time and effort. Whilst PICS has many excellent features you will have a new system to learn your way around and new processes to get to grips with. You certainly don’t also want to be expending effort backfilling your old data or maintaining your previous system. Our data conversion team are on hand to help get your existing data imported into PICS, helping you to hit the ground running with your new system.

ILR Data Conversion

Included in all PICS sales is the import of as much current or historic ILR data as you can provide us with for a single lead provider UKPRN. Subcontractors who wish to import data for more than one lead provider UKPRN can do so for a small extra charge.

Our team will check the ILR data you provide for any errors or inconsistencies before importing the data into PICS. Finally our team ensure the ILR data is linked correctly to the various PICS contracting records before exporting the data from PICS to ensure it matches the data you originally provided us with. Our robust approach ensures that this business critical data is smoothly transitioned ready for ongoing reports and submissions from PICS.

Other Data Sources

You may have data beyond ILR data that you want to bring with you from your previous system. This might be the details of commercially funded learners, reviews data or delivery staff details. We have data import templates which you can fill in allowing us to offer the import of this data on a predictable and cost effective basis, alternatively you can provide us a sample of the data in its raw format and we can price the import up as a bespoke job. Either way this will further help you to get going with PICS as quickly as possible after your training.

Software Installation

As we approach your “go live” date we will need to install your software and data. If you have opted to host the software yourselves you will need to provide us remote access to your servers. Our Installations team will then install the PICS software, the database engine and the data itself. We will also load up the software in your I.T environment to make sure that everything is working smoothly ready for your introductory training. Once we are happy that everything is set up correctly on your sever we will ask you to deploy the software onto client machines and run a few tests to ensure everything is running smoothly.


All PICS Installs include a program of introductory training to ensure that you get to grips with your new system as quickly as possible. Typically this breaks down in to two and a half days training, however where more complex implementations are being undertaken further training will be specified on your quote.

Initial Training

The first day and a half are normally delivered consecutively. We tend to arrive at your chosen site in the afternoon of the first day to run a small session going through simple PICS administrative functions such as password maintenance, backups and running software updates. We will also ensure that training facilities are set up and ready for the following day. On the second day we deliver a full day of hands on training to up to 8 members of staff focusing on data entry, month end processing and introducing you to our reports suite. At the end of this day you should be ready to take your first steps with your newly installed PICS system.

Follow Up Sessions

Four to six weeks after your initial training things will be becoming familiar for you and you will have been through at least one month-end cycle. At this point you will be ready for your follow-up training. Most of our customers have this delivered as an onsite training day though if you prefer we can also deliver this as a series of bite size webinars. Regardless of the format we will be making sure you have a good understanding of the basics and moving you further into the reporting suite and other advanced PICS features.

Ongoing support

We pride ourselves on the quality of support we offer our customers and the long term working relationships we have forged. Whether you need help with a specific query, wish to attend one of our user groups to find out the latest PICS and industry news, come to a training event or just discuss your future plans with our sales team, we will always do everything we can to ensure your ongoing experience is as positive as possible.

As your business needs and contracting arrangements change you may find that you need mass data changes or data imports. Our conversion team are happy to help you with all manner of scenarios that may arise. Just get in touch for further details, some advice or a quote.