CRM: Employer and Applicant Engagement

Are you looking for a CRM system designed for the specific requirements of a training company? The PICS CRM system is your answer and fully incorporates the core concepts of Employer Engagement and Applicant Management. Fully integrated into NAVMS, our Form Capture Application & PICS. Our CRM offering can help you to track the full applicant journey in a single paperless system.

Employer Engagement

PICS CRM offers a wealth of facilities to monitor and inform every stage of your employer engagement activities. From initial contact through learner signup and onto account management, PICS CRM brings employer data and in-learning information into a single system. This integrated approach improves business intelligence and aids you in providing high quality competitive services to employers.

Sales opportunity tracking: Instant visibility of the current status of all sales activity with ongoing statistics on the effectiveness of your sales processes

Monitor due dates for Employer liability insurance, health and safety visits and other auditing requirements

Visibility of high level learner information alongside employer data aiding excellent account management

Complaint management features help you collate all information regarding a complaint and monitor its resolution

Record all customer interactions including file attachments

User definable data capture forms provide excellent system flexibility

Applicant Management

The PICS Applicant management facilities provide the perfect platform for you to implement a properly managed and efficient applicant pipeline. Our applicant management facilities can help you to engage with the most suitable potential learners, match them to vacancies and monitor their progress through your pre-signup procedures. Once an applicant is ready for signup their applicant record can be used as the basis of their learner record in the PICS LMS, minimizing data entry time and improving data consistency.

Flexible applicant statuses drive pipeline processes and keep an auditable record of an applicant’s history

Current and past applicant data can be easily interrogated for marketing purposes

Reporting suite demonstrates effectiveness of your recruitment purposes in addition to E&D and other analyses

A single system in which to record all applicants details; eliminating the multiple spreadsheets often maintained by separate staff members

Vacancy matching facilities target applicants to relevant vacancies utilizing user-definable vacancy matching attributes

User defined mail merges can produce welcome letters and other documents, delivering scalable efficiencies

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