• PICS AdHoc Reporting

    11 Lessons in , £95.00

    PICS AdHoc is a powerful reporting tool which allows users to create their own reports using virtually any data field held in PICS. Devoting a little time to mastering AdHoc will enable you to take control over your data and customise reporting to suit your company’s needs. This brand new course will provide you with a detailed introduction of how AdHoc works, along with how to get the most out of your bespoke reporting in PICS by producing both spreadsheet and interactive pivot table outputs. This course is divided into four modules: ‘General Navigation’, ‘Selection Criteria’, ‘Output’ and ‘Saving AdHoc Reports’. You will find lessons linked to each module- we recommend that you work through these in the order they are listed in. Please click on the lesson title in order to begin. Once you’ve covered the lesson material click to mark the lesson as complete as this will allow you to track your progress: Don’t worry, you will always […]

  • Preparing for Ofsted

    7 Lessons in , £150.00

    You should always be ‘Ofsted Ready’ – this new and detailed course will look at effective data capture and data management tools available in PICS, along with the many reporting functions that can support you during an inspection. This purchase is for access for a 3 month period.

  • FM 36 / Apprenticeship Reforms Core PICS use

    5 Lessons in ,

    Learn the theory of funding model 36 and how to use the the core PICS feature for this delivery.