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What are cookies?

Most websites make use of cookies to “remember” the user, either for the duration of that single visit, or for repeat visits. Single visit cookies are known as “session cookies” whilst repeat visit cookies are called “persistent cookies”. Cookies can remember various pieces of data about the user, but are generally used to improve the user experience of the website. This could be remembering preferences or that you have logged in to the site. Some websites will use cookies to remember you for advertising use, and can even be set by third party websites.

Pellcomp Website Cookies

The Pellcomp website uses cookies to provide you with a smoother experience when navigating the website. If you don't wish to accept the use of cookies you can do so from the banner which will pop up that pops up if you have not already downloaded the cookie. You can clear your browser's cookies at any time to opt-out.

Our web based products

In all our web based products we use session cookies to remember who you are logged in as. Without cookies, you will not be able to use any of our web based products. As with our main site, we do not make use of any advertising type cookies, but we do use third party cookies from Google for Analytical purposes. These let us track how you use or web products so that we can improve the navigation of the products on a continuous basis.