Following on from our covid-19 statement, released earlier this week, and the update from our helpdesk yesterday, we would just like to highlight how PICS can help you to operate effectively in these extraordinary times.

Access from home

We now host PICS for the majority of our customers, however if you still host PICS yourself we suggest you ensure that you’ve made arrangements to access PICS from outside your network. This can be setup via RDP, Terminal Services or another remote desktop solution, but unfortunately PICS won’t run directly over a VPN. Given the current situation, we’re working hard to fast track moving locally installed PICS customers onto our hosting environment, from where PICS can be easily accessed anywhere with an internet connection. If you’d like to know about Hosting, contact for more information.

FCA Remote Fill & Sign

We’ve been rolling out a new feature for the Form Capture Application which allows you to send forms to learners, employers & other signatories over the internet.

In the current situation, we understand that the business need to implement this feature is stronger than ever, so we’re increasing the pace of this roll out and will be delivering this solution to all hosted customers who have a licence for the Form Capture Application within the next couple of days.

If you don’t have access to the Form Capture Application but want further details on how this solution could work for you, please contact

Access to Learner & Organisation details – New features in PICSWeb

PICSWeb, our fast-progressing project to bring PICS into a single, easy to access, web-based interface has had a substantial update which we’ve fast-tracked for release this week to help those working from home. You can now view and edit basic learner and employer details wherever you are.

In the current situation, effective communication with your employers and learners is absolutely key, so you’ll want to ensure that headline contact details of your records are at the fingertips of your staff. This data is of course readily available in PICS, reports and through the eRecruit and eAssessor web modules for those who are licensed for them, but by making this available in PICSWeb, all our hosted customers can give access to staff without the need to go through the hosting portal or the desktop software.

We’re going to increase the pace of rolling out PICSWeb as a beta interface to all of our hosted customers over the coming weeks, but we’ll be doing this in phases. If you’d like to be on the fast track, please email to express your interest.