Improvements to Achievement Rates

Programme Type Code analysis for reconciling FM36 Minimum Standards

With the recent release of the in-year QAR reports, we realised that people were finding it difficult to identify the achievement rates of their Minimum Standards (MS) cohorts in the PICS Achievement Rates reports. This was because the Programme (old) analysis would split funding model 35 and 36 learners into different report sections, but we’re pleased to announce that you can now use the Programme Type Code analysis to group the Achievement Rates for all learners on a single ILR Programme Type code.

To run a report which clearly identifies your Apprenticeship MS cohorts, ensure you run with the Include min. standards option turned on, and use both the Programme Type Code and Sector (Framework) analyses. The Prog Code and Sector tab will provide one analysis per MS cohort, and the % Below Min. Standards Threshold value will either be 0 or 100% depending on whether the achievement rate for the cohort is above the MS threshold of 62%.


Universal Credit exclusion rule

In version 3 of the 2016 Education & Training ESFA Achievement Rates dataset specification (and version 1 of the 2017 specification), there were changes to the JSA_ESA_UC_Excl rule to exclude learners who are claiming JSA, ESA or UC and ended their learning because they started work.

The latest version of PICS includes these changes, so affected learners who were previously included in the Achievement Rates as withdrawals should now be excluded from the calculations.


CRM Calendar Week View

The CRM calendar has been expanded to include a week and working week view. As with the other calendar views this can show selected officers calendars as well as your personal one. Additionally, the view can be reduced to business hours or 24 hours and all-day events are displayed at the top of the view.


Activity GDPR Tools

Functionality for PICS Activities has been added to the growing set of GDPR tools to manage your PICS data. This is accessible under the Activities section in PICS CRM in the “Maintenance” toolbar.

Further information about PICS GDPR Tools


Soft titling of ‘learner’

PICS covers many different programmes, the participants of which can’t all accurately be referred to as ‘learners’. For this reason, we’ve had an option in PICS for a while now that allows you to change the generic term ‘learner’ to whatever is most appropriate to you. With this latest release, we’re now respecting that setting across the main screen of PICS, which includes the Select, Find, Edit, View and List buttons. So the previously generic ‘Client List’ button now becomes the Learner List button by default, but if this doesn’t work for you it can changed in PICS Configuration -> Learners -> Data Capture -> Soft Title for “Learner”.

Full release notes are available from the release notes section of our website.