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At Pellcomp Software we develop PICS, the market leader in learner management systems (LMS). We’ve been around for over 20 years, and have in-depth knowledge of the sector. Over 450 leading learning providers and colleges use PICS, including some of the country’s largest employers. We are committed to keeping both our products and our business processes up to date with current legislation. Pellcomp works continuously to improve our compliance with the GDPR legislation and with Privacy laws both as a company and in our products and services.

PICS provides a complete solution with its integrated CRM, subcontracting and financial management tools. These are complemented by a robust suite of individual web modules, which can keep track of learners, manage assessment, hold evidence, and present beautifully visualised data.

For support questions, our in-house, PICS experts can assist quickly and efficiently. With short waiting times, and most enquiries solved with one call our industry leading support team forms the cornerstone of our delivery.

Finally, to support your use of PICS we have a team of highly qualified and experienced trainers ensuring that everyone gets the most from our system. We provide training to suit any budget, from bespoke sessions in your office to webinars and training events across the country.


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