PICSWeb Update – August

PICSWeb, our new, modern, web-based interface for PICS, is being constantly updated with new features, released on a six-week cycle. This post runs through the key updates in the most recent cycle.

Learner Delivery Plan

We have redesigned the learner record in PICSWeb to include a new Delivery Plan section, with some new data tabs and some moved from the Summary and ILR sections. The tabs in this section are all used to aid in delivery and tracking for the learner.

If the learner has been set up with Delivery Targets and a Delivery Model, tabs are also available for the Target Scope and Components that make up the learner’s delivery.

Every component will have a corresponding Component Summary page, showing additional details and links for the component.

Each component summary can also list the relevant Resources in a variety of formats.

Applicants in FCA

Two options are now available from the Applicant Summary to send the applicant’s data to an FCA form, where it can be updated. Your PICSWeb users will need the permission Send Applicants to FCA set before they can use either option.

The Edit in FCA option will export applicant details to an Applicant Sign Up form, where the assigned form owner can edit details in the applicant record. If necessary, you can include a message for the form owner and create an appointment for them.

The Sign Up Learner in FCA option will export applicant data to a Learner Sign Up form, allowing you to create a new learner from the applicant record. This will only be available for applicants with the correct status to be sent to FCA.

Vacancy Matching

We have redesigned the vacancy matching functionality from eRecruit and moved it into PICSWeb. You can now create vacancy records from PICSWeb, which work like the other data records already available. You can attach relevant files and notes to the record, and link it to the appropriate provisions.

Vacancy matching can be run from either a vacancy summary or applicant summary. The search will be based on the provisions linked to either record, as well as any filters that you set in the matching page.

As well as a list view, vacancy matching results can also be displayed in a map view showing your specified maximum distance and any matching results.

Once a match has been found, you can create an application record. This record can be used to track the application and record its outcome.

Workflows in PICSWeb

If you have status workflows set up for your applicants, learners, or opportunities, an icon is available by the status in the record summary to view the full workflow. The current status will be shown in green. Statuses that the record has already had will be shown in blue.

A Workflows page is available in PICSWeb Configuration, where you can view, create and edit workflows. For more information on setting up and using workflows, please take a look at the new Workflows section in our Online Help System.

ID Codes in Record Summaries

ID codes will now be displayed above the display picture in PICSWeb record summaries. It is also possible to filter most record lists by ID code.

For learners, if one exists the Provider Assigned ID will also be displayed.

AdHoc in Desktop PICS

Some customers have been asking about what will happen to the AdHoc reporter in desktop PICS as we continue to develop PICSWeb and retire certain web apps. We are currently in the early stages of considering how facilities similar to AdHoc can be delivered in PICSWeb, with the goal of them being easier to use for basic functions and more powerful to serve complex use cases. We can, however, assure you that AdHoc will be available to use in desktop PICS for the foreseeable future, and will not be retired until equivalent functions are available in PICSWeb.