PICS update for 2020/21

PICS 20 will be released on the afternoon of Friday 14th August. This version contains updates for the 2020/21 contract year, and is the first to use our new version numbering system which reflects the year that it’s designed for. Please also see our recent Year-end in PICS blog post.

Information for customers who use our Skills Hosting service

If you’re a hosted customer, meaning you access PICS via our Hosting Portal, then your software will be updated automatically overnight on Friday 14th August. The next time you access PICS after this, your software will be at version 20 and your data will have been migrated to the 2020/21 ILR.

In years gone by we’ve given hosted customers the option to choose when they’d like the update to run, but due to previous improvements we’ve made to the cross-year data entry process, along with very limited ILR changes this year, there’s really no reason not to update straight away. However, if you feel there’s a good reason why you don’t want your copy of PICS updated overnight on the 14th, please email with details before Friday and we can remove you from the update process. Please note that if you opt out of the update, PICSWeb will not be accessible until such time that you’ve updated to PICS 20.

Information for customers who have PICS installed on their own infrastructure

If your PICS software is installed on your own infrastructure, you’re free to update whenever is convenient to you. We’ll publish a Blog Post on Friday afternoon when PICS 20 is available.

As with any update that contains a database patch, be sure to stop any PICS web applications and put Scheduled Reports into maintenance mode (if you use these additional options). You may wish to refer to our online help guide for Running Software Updates

Note: Having updated your software, when you first log in to PICS, the data upgrade and migration will start and this could take up to 30 minutes. Do not attempt to stop the upgrade process or you could corrupt your data. 

If you need further guidance, or encounter any issues, please contact the Support team via