ESFA R01 Submission Information and Advice

The R01 submission window is currently open – the guaranteed collection availability started 19th August and closes at 18:00 on Friday 4th September.

Please remember, you need to upgrade to PICS v20.00 in order to access the 2020/21 exporter and funding calculator.

If you’re experiencing Rule Violations, please refer to our guidance on Resolving ILR Rule Violations

If you need support with your submission, please contact us via 

Useful links:    

ESFA help portal
Get your data right for 2019/20
2019/20 Provider Support Manual (v2)
2020/21 Provider Support Manual (v1)
2019/20 ILR Specification (v2)
2020/21 ILR Specification (v1)
2019/20 Validation Rules (Rule Violations) spreadsheet (v7)
2020/21 Validation Rules (Rule Violations) spreadsheet (v1)
Submit Learner Data (SLD) hub
SLD Known Issues spreadsheet (all years)
Download the FIS (all years)
Apprenticeship Service help for Training Providers

Known PICS issues (we’ll keep this section updated throughout submission): 


We get a lot of enquiries about this Rule Violation at year-end as customers try to clear all their errors and warnings. Often though, this one can’t be cleared.

This warning will be triggered any time there is a Funding and Monitoring code (possibly just ACT FAM) where the ‘Applies to’ date is later than the (Programme Aim’s) Learning Planned End date.

If a learner has been in learning past their programme Planned End Date, in order to complete one of their aims which has run on longer, you will be required to extend the ACT FAM date range to encompass the late aim’s Actual End date. Extending the ACT FAM date range (and Learning Actual End) in this way means that the ‘Applies to’ date will, out of necessity, now go past the programme Planned End Date. This is to be expected, because the learner was truly in training past that point. However, in virtually any other situation, having an ACT FAM dated to beyond the Planned End Date wouldn’t make sense, hence why this warning exists.

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