Year-End in PICS

As the end of the contract year approaches, we are updating PICS to the new year version as usual, as well as making further steps in our transition to PICSWeb. This blog post highlights some of the key information and resources for the year-end.

Year-End Webinars

On the 12th August, we will be hosting two free webinars:

10:00 – 11:00 AM Change of Contract Year Webinar

In this webinar we will be discussing what you need to do in PICS to prepare for the year-end process, including your final data submission and cross-year data entry. We will also look at the PICS software upgrade for 2020/21, the changes to the new contract year ILR form and its impact in PICS.

2:00 – 3:00 PM PICSWeb ILR and Period-End Processes Webinar

In this webinar we will be focusing on ILR data entry in PICSWeb alongside the period-end processes, taking into account year-end actions and contract year changes. This webinar is intended to support customers in making the transition from PICS desktop to PICSWeb for ILR data entry and data management.

PICS 20.00 Release

PICS 20.00 will be released in the evening of Friday 14th August. As you may have noticed, we have altered the version naming for PICS, so that each version will reflect the year in which it was released.

If your data is hosted by us, please be aware that you dataset(s) will be updated to the new version at approximately 1AM on Saturday 15th August.

Removal of eApply, eRecruit and eAdmin from Hosting

As previously announced, on the 14th August, we will also remove eApply, eRecruit and eAdmin from our hosted customers. As the functionality of all three web apps is now available in PICSWeb, we are expecting our hosted customers to have made the transition to PICSWeb for these functions by this date.

If there is any reason that you think you cannot make the transition by then, or you have any questions, please Fill Out This Form to arrange a chat with us.

PICSWeb Online Courses

Three online courses are available to guide you in the transition from our web apps to PICSWeb.

Payments in PICSWeb – This course introduces the payment processing functions in PICSWeb that will replace eAdmin.

Courses in PICSWeb – This course introduced the course management functions in PICSWeb that will replace eTutor and Course Manager in desktop PICS.

Sign Up Forms in PICSWeb – This course introduces the custom sign up form functions in PICSWeb that will replace eApply.

SaaS Licensing

Once PICS 20.00 has been released and the upgrade completed, the SaaS licence restrictions will be applied. If you have a SaaS licence issued, you will have to set up your user accounts in User and Password Maintenance before you can access PICS.

If you would like to discuss expanding your licence, please contact

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