Important note for users of Pellcomp Hosting

From 20th July, we will be implementing an important security update on our Skills Hosting platform that means you will no longer be able to re-use RDP files that you have previously downloaded. This is already the case for DWP Hosting, so there’s no change there.

When you log in to the Skills Hosting platform and click on an icon, such as PICS, a file with a .rdp extension is downloaded, which you then run in order to access the resource in question. Although we don’t advise that you do so, it’s currently possible to re-use a previously downloaded .rdp file rather than logging in to the Hosting Portal and downloading a fresh one. As part of ongoing security improvements, from 20th July you will get an error if you try to re-use a previously downloaded .rdp file. Going forward, files will only be valid for two minutes after download.

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