Database Changes in PICS 20.00

The new ESFA contract year is fast approaching and we are hard at work preparing PICS for release in mid-August. Part of that preparation this year includes performing a significant amount of housekeeping, in particular, removing many of the fields that contain historic copies of ILR data.

We are removing historic values from 2014 and before. Not only will this reduce database sizes and improve performance, it is also good GDPR practice. We have removed around 350 field and several tables.

Along with historic fields from 2014 and before, we have removed the following values:

  • All A70 related fields
  • pcTECEpi – Learner fields from TEC records
  • pcBrCase – Brief Case Control table
  • OPPCheck – OPP Check-off records
  • uLSCUPC – LSC Postcode Uplift basedata

For those of you who use the PICS data directly or via SQL Server exports, here is a spreadsheet listing the fields removed, so you can ensure that your reports are not referring to them before the upgrade takes place.