PICSWeb Update – Recent Releases and Upcoming Developments

PICSWeb, our new, modern, web-based interface for PICS, is being constantly updated with new features, released on a six-week cycle. This post runs through some recent updates and includes a preview of what to expect in the coming cycle.

Form Capture Manager

It is now possible to track and process your FCA Forms from within PICSWeb. The Forms page, accessed from the side menu, will display a list of forms, their statuses, and how many remote signatures have been collected so far.

Opening a Form Summary will show additional details and give you the option to transition the form between different statuses, with the option to add notes as necessary.

LRS Integration

New features have recently been added to PICSWeb, allowing you to link your learners and applicants to their corresponding records in the Learning Records Service (LRS).

Registering and Updating a Learner

Not only can you search the LRS for a learner ULN from within a PICSWeb learner record, you can also register the learner with the LRS if no ULN is found. Once this has happened, you can return to the learner record throughout a learner’s programme to update the associated LRS record. These tasks are performed from within the LRS tab in a Learner Summary.

Applicant ULN and PLR

You can also search for a ULN for an applicant records. This ULN can then be used to view an applicant’s PLR and verify any previous qualifications that they have obtained. This search can be run from the Programme tab of an Applicant Summary.

Sign Up Forms and Opportunities

When designing your custom sign up forms for applicants or employers, it is now possible to set up the form so that an opportunity record is created automatically when the form is submitted. The opportunity record that is created will be linked to the new applicant or employer record.

It is also possible to add an Opportunity ID to the Public URL for a sign up form when sending the URL out in order to link the new applicant or employer to an existing opportunity record. This must be done in the format:

[PublicURL]?Opportunity=[Opportunity ID]

For example, when sending out a form with the Public URL: http://localhost/PICSWeb/Guest/SignUp/Applicant/5b12217535fd49a6a2eb6ee7916774d4

You can instead send out:


When the form is submitted and an associated record created, the new record will be linked to the opportunity with the ID code of 17. Bear in mind that if the form is already set up to create a new opportunity, this will take precedent. The Create Opportunity field will therefore need to be set to No for this to work.

What’s Next for PICSWeb

The next PICSWeb development cycle will end on the 31st July. The following developments are scheduled for this cycle:

  • Generate forms from an applicant record with a Send Applicant to FCA feature.
  • Custom Branding will be available for Sign Up Forms and Remote Fill and Sign Forms.
  • The ability to set your own Mail Merge fields and use them in bulk document generation.
  • Updates in the funding calculator to allow for the application of Subcontractor Rates.
  • Running Projected Funding calculations in the background, meaning that you can easily access these values whenever you like.
  • Updating data capture to match the 2020 ILR specifications.
  • Improvements to the New Learner and Learner Import processes.
  • A process to obtain the EDS Reference for an employer from within PICSWeb.
  • Vacancy Records will be introduced along with a new Vacancy Matching system.
  • Users will be able to Assign Tasks to other users.
  • User categories will be introduced to reflect our SaaS Pricing Structure. If you are interested in whether this new pricing model suits you, please Contact our Sales Team to find out more.

If you have not done so already, please fill in this form to arrange a chat with us about your transition to PICSWeb, or contact with your specific queries and we will help you in every way we can.